Unleashing the Pathway to Divine Wisdom

What is Wisdom?

  • Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do and doing it.
  • Wisdom is knowing where to go and going there.
  • Wisdom is knowing the right thing to do from the scripture and doing it.
  • Wisdom is applied knowledge.

Kinds if Wisdom

  • Diabolical/Satanic Wisdom – This kind of wisdom is sourced from the devil. It is also know as devilish wisdom. James. 3: 15-16. It leads to destructions.
  • Intellectual Wisdom – This is a natural man’s wisdom. It is carnal in nature. Spiritual things are foolishness to those who possess this kind of wisdom only. 1.Cor.2:12-16. Intellectual wisdom is limited in its capacity. Those who possess this  only, will still be subject to endless satanic assaults.
  • Divine Wisdom – Divine wisdom i s the wisdom from the lord. It is the best, pure and not partial. James.3:15-16. It has the capacity to put every issue of life under control. Those who have it are in charged of their life.

Why Do I Need Divine Wisdom

  1. Only those with divine wisdom will make it in this our time. Is.33:6.
  2. It takes only divine wisdom to exercise authority on all circumstances/situations of life. “Wisdom is profitable to direct.” Ecc.10:10
  3. He who has wisdom has all things. “Wisdom is the principal things….” Prov.4:7
  4. You need wisdom in order to outsmart the wicked. When you outsmart the wicked/devil, you will be able to take over what belong to you in Christ(inheritance). The thief (devil) specializes in stealing people glorious destiny. Jn.10:10

How Do I Receive Divine Wisdom

  1. Keep all scriptural instructions. By obeying commandments. Until you Obey commandments, the blessings cannot be released. Deu.28:1-3, Job.36:11. Don’t be ashamed to do this. “It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful.”
  2. Don’t keep company with a fool. Bad company corrupt good manners. “He that walketh with the wise shall be wise: but a companion of fools shall be destroyed.” Prov.13:20. So, watch out for those who will drain you and look up to those who will add values unto you.
  3. Study and meditate the word of God – Reading book was Jesus custom when He was here. Jn.4:16. He located His assignment from book. Jn.4.18. Study the bible – There are some people that still find the bible dry – Listen to the tapes of anointed men of God. Study all biblical materials at your reach.
  4. Be meek – “The meek will he guide in judgement: The meek will he teach His ways.” PS.25:9. He does not lift the proud. He only lift the humble. Moses the meekest became the greatest.


Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris is a passionate Christian blogger who blogs on WordPress, He writes and publishes faith-related content on his blog Varsity Experience. He aims to contribute his quota at promoting the dominion of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance), initially from inception, undergraduates were his major target, but the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the scope of this ministry is beyond just students, as it applies to everyone interested to be translated from darkness to light. He works as a teacher at Winners Chapel, and over the years, many readers have testified how they are blessed by his posts.

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