Illumination:Darkness doesn’t struggle with light

Darkness does not struggle with light


The moment you turn on light in your room, darkness is dispelled. This is not something that darkness has to think about or determined. Darkness is hopeless with light.

You can’t be lighted and be tormented. Illumination of the word is what set men at liberty From all satanic oppressions. “But Whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty.” James.1:25. Nothing goes down in light. When you are illuminated, failure becomes success, death becomes life; weakness becomes strength; poverty becomes prosperity.


Darkness does not struggle with light. As a matter of fact darkness is a product of no light. your light has come, arise and shine. Is.60:1. The entire world may run helter skelter, even state men may be confused, you are not permitted to be as such. Children of light will always be at rest after the order of Jesus. Nothing ever moved Jesus while He was here, no strain was found in Him. He was always calm and composed. This is why He could afford sleep while His disciple were afraid of the storm.


Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris is a passionate Christian blogger who blogs on WordPress, He writes and publishes faith-related content on his blog Varsity Experience. He aims to contribute his quota at promoting the dominion of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance), initially from inception, undergraduates were his major target, but the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the scope of this ministry is beyond just students, as it applies to everyone interested to be translated from darkness to light. He works as a teacher at Winners Chapel, and over the years, many readers have testified how they are blessed by his posts.

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