Explosive Testimonies

Explosive testimonies

Testimonies are faith boosters, so I have decided to share with us the testimonies of others in order to stir up our faith.

Explosive testimonies

“Thy testimonies have I taken as a heritage for ever: for they are the rejoicing of my heart.” PS.119:111

This is why every testimony is a pointer to our heritage in Christ.

Read the following testimonies documented testimonies:

Miracle Conception 

In October 2005, I participated in the Wonder-Double Prophetic Agenda phase 2, but I concentrated more on praying for myself, because I have been believing God for the fruit of the womb for three years then, but at the end of everything nothing happened.

This year, 2016, I heard the testimonies of people who said they forgot about themselves and concentrated on Kingdom advancement prayers and got amazing results. So, I decided to follow their foot step by forgetting about myself, but wholeheartedly and passionately concentrated on praying for souls and God’s kingdom. Praying for souls became a burden in my heart. I prayed until I knew God has heard me, because whenever I heard testimonies of salvation I told myself ‘I prayed exactly about this.’

I began the prayers in February 15, 2016 when Operation By all means Prophetic Agenda began. By March 6, 2016 I was confirmed pregnant, and the result indicated I got pregnant on the 29th of February, 2016. I am still in shock of God’s acts and speed. Indeed, Mat.6:33 works. God has given my first quantum leap blessings. – Sandra, Laura.

Divine Healing via Kingdom Focused Prayers!

We  gave birth to our second baby in November 2015, the newborn screening revealed that he had sickle cell traits, we noticed that he had two reddish patches on his head, a swelling above his groin area which the Doctor confirmed as hermia and was diagnosed of heart defect. The conclusion was that he would be operated upon.

It was hard not to pray about all these issues of concerns, but the more the light of the Word of God I received from Mathew 6:33, the more I gave myself to praying kingdom- advancement prayers, praying kingdom-Focused Prayers became my way of life.

We engaged in Kingdom-Advancement prayers during our family prayer time, then my wife and I would pray at least 30minutes every night. However, I had the urge to do more, so I started praying Kingdom focused prayers till 2:00am and sometimes, till 2:30am. I wake up at 5:00am and pray again for about an hour before starting the day’s activity.

Last week, when my wife took our son for check-up, God of Wonder Double showed up. The doctor said she could not find the hernia anymore; his heart is now perfect. Also, the Hemangioma( growth on the head) was shrinking. As if that was not enough, on Monday, March 28, when I was already looking forward to the next quarter, I was promoted at work. God truly rewards those who diligently seek Him! – Olatunji Ashiru.

Supernatural Turnaround!

Since the beginning of the Wonder-Double Prophetic Agenda, I engaged in serving God faithfully and rigorously by praying for souls to be established in the kingdom.

Meanwhile, my husband was nowhere to be found and as a result, I became a single parent with two girls in the secondary schools. Being a casual staff at my place of work, I struggled to make ends meet. During one of the services in June 2005, I heard from God’s servant that serving God pays the most. So I engaged fully and told my God that as I served Him, He should service my needs. God heard my cry and intervene.

At my place of work, I was confirmed as a regular staff with salary increment, which is enough to pay the school fees of my two daughters for the whole year in school. We live in a rented apartment but now, I have enough money to purchase my own land and build my own house. Furthermore, I am now debt-free. Indeed, I have seen the reality of Matthew 6:33 and Rev.22:12 fulfilled in my life, as a result of being focused on God. I give all the glory to Him! – Josephine Okwisa.

God of Wonder Double Visited Me!

During one of the Covenant Hour of Prayer sessions, some persons shared the testimonies of how God visited them when they switched into praying kingdom focused prayers. That morning, God’s Servant David Oyedapo, gave a charge on Mathew.6:33.

From the charge, I had a deeper understanding and I saw what made others get their testimonies. I immediately switched from praying for myself and business during Personal Supplication periods to praying for others and the Kingdom. God miraculously paid bulk of the financial indebtedness hanging over my business for two and half years and doors of unimaginable favours are now opened in my life. Indeed, the Word works! I return all the glory and honour to the God of this Great Commission!” – Henry L.

Testimonies Source: Living Faith Church. a.k.a Winner’s Chapel

I myself got healed from typhoid, Typhoid left me and never to return. It is been over a year, I am strong and healthy. You are the next to testify.





Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris Adedoyin shares the true scriptural contents. He is an economist, researcher, writer, web designer and versatile in Information Technology (IT).

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