Exit: Off to camp


I’m going for a 21days orientation course that will later stretched into a year of service to my father’s land. It’s mandatory for all graduates across the country to participate in this orientation scheme where we will be drilled by military personnel for a straight 21 days.

If time permit me, I will show up sometimes on WordPress to show some support for my fellow bloggers.

A big thank to God for seeing me through my academic journey and for taking me into another phase of life.  A special thanks to my family for their generous love and kindness towards me.

1million thumbs up to my dear followers and readers for taking their time for reading my posts and also pressing the like button and commenting.

I believe God has worked through me to make some impacts in peoples lives on this platform. And I strongly believe your spiritual life have taken some new shapes with the application of truth posted here.

Always maintain your ground no matter what happens in life. The supernatural is the backbone of life. I’ll maintain my stance at where I’m going to or wherever I may find myself. Our stance is our escape into light from the darkness of our time.

Kebbi is far from my current location, it will take me about 10 to13 hours of journey to get there, a Muslim dominated state, my parents are bothered, I might later consider redeployment after the orientation course.

Picture of Corps members at Kebbi Nysc camp

I believe God is in control. He’s the same everywhere no matter the distance, he’s always around. His principles work any day, anytime and anywhere. God forbid bad thing, If everybody dies in Kebbi, I will be exempted. I’m too sure of my God coming to my rescue from any form calamity.

No evil will happen in Kebbi. No evil will occur on my way to Kebbi. I’ll exercise faith all the way. For therein is the rightousness of the lord is revealed from faith to faith, as it is written, The just shall live by his faith (Rom.1:17).

Don’t forget that our obedience to scriptural instructions is still the surest way to have just the way we want it in life.

And it shall come to pass if thou shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the lord thy God, to obey his commandments which I command thee this day, that the Lord will set thee high above all nations of the earth. All these blessings shall come on thee and overtake thee, if thou shall hearken unto the voice of the lord thy God. Blessed shalt thou be in the city, and blessed shalt thou be in the field (Deu.28:1-3).

Sit down and relaxed, I’m going to go with a life journal where I will record every bit of my camping experience all of which I will later share on the platform.

Camp will be stressful and at the same time it’s going to be fun. I can’t wait to participate in camp fire, camp parades, drills and sports.

I have got some details about Kebbi. Everything is in excess. The weather, Kebbi is over hot in the noon time, over cold in the morning period. Too much of rain in the raining season and too much of sun the dry period.

The land is Sandy. Incase you have Asthma, Kebbi isn’t a place to try. Kebbi is peaceful in terms of security. There have not been anycase of insurgency and kidnapping in the area. The camp at Kebbi is one of the best in the country, most of its facilities have just been renovated.

No doubt, I will be going with my bible and anointing oil. I’ll take a shot of the anointing oil every night before I sleep.

I will be going with a lot of sweaters to keep my body warm when it’s cold. Though, we will be  wearing white shirts and shorts most of the time  and sometimes NYSC khaki which is our uniform at  camp. We will be wearing white tennis and later jungle boots.

I’ll be going with a lot of cash and ATM card -incase I got stranded. I’ll be going with travel lamp and mosquito net – with a rope to tie the net. I’ll be going with a waist pouch bag where I’ll keep all  my valuable items and belongings to safeguard against theft. And I’ll also be going with a lot of padlocks to protect my luggage.

Camping preparation is ongoing. I must resume at camp before Tuesday. I’ll miss ya all. Your impactful posts and comments. It’s a clarion call, I must obey.

I love you all, Chris.



Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris Adedoyin shares the true scriptural contents. He is an economist, researcher, writer, web designer and versatile in Information Technology (IT).

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