Camp is over

Good day friends, 21 days has come and gone. It all ended on August, 13. I thank God for the successful completion of the 21 days orientation course. In this 21 days, my life has improved, something different has happened to me.



All those strenuous physical activities that we went through; all those military commands that we obeyed; all those camp food that we ate and the rugged life we live on camp, the harsh climatic condition that we endured,  the beagle’s sound that woke us up by 4:00am everyday; the early morning meditation and long hours lecture at the pavilion will not only make us strong but will also make us to discover more about ourselves and build our inner strength.

Sitting at the pavilion

Although, some of us fainted  while on parade but I thank God that we didn’t record any casualty and death.


The only challenge that i encountered while on camp is my spiritual life. Camp activities was highly regimented. Everyday was loaded with physical and social activities and we were coerced to engage in every of thg activity.

Man O'war drill

Some lives have been ruined on camp due to association with the wrong peers while some destinies are made. Only those who are too sure of there spiritual ground could survive from the web of carnality.

Holding the rope and jumping

With all my light, my prayer life was affected, but I still manage to pray and fast despite the regimented physical activities. God did not leave me alone to be gathered by mortal men for destruction. I always walked around with the conscience of His commandments and rewards.

My platoon group photo

While going through these thorough trainings, I didn’t faint for any reason, I didn’t visit the medical center for any ailment and disease. I didn’t suffer any injury or pain. There was no loss of life and property. All my journeys have been accident and hitch free.

Pics member

God has engraced me to observe  and obey His commandments even in the cloud of physical orientation and He has rewarded me with an ocean of blessings and rewards.

Pics of man O'war drill

Obedience to God’s instructions is surest way to have it just the way you want it in life. The platform of Mathew.6:33 is the platform where supernatural grace flows. Seeking and pursing God’s interest will announce you to your world.

Me, Biggy and Aboki

I have started posting again, thanks to all my followers for been patient with me. Your spiritual life will not die, God will continue to work through me to serve as a blessing to you and the entire world. God bless you.


Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris Adedoyin shares the true scriptural contents. He is an economist, researcher, writer, web designer and versatile in Information Technology (IT).

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