the mystery of rest

In A World Whereby There Is A lot Of Jostling And Bustling Here And There. Consciously Or Unconsciously, Even Believers Are Caught Up In The Web.

Rest Is The Hall Mark Of Faith. Rest Is Essential For The Miraculous To Flow. Until You Leave The Boxing Ring By Tapping The Hands Of Jesus To Step In, Winning Is Not In View.

When The Storm Came, The Disciples Were Wearing Out Themselves Frantically In A Bid To Save Themselves. But When They Remembered To Invite Jesus (Who Was Sleeping In The Midst Of A Storm) To The Situation, He Stopped The Storm.

You See, I Don’t Care About The Kind Of Storm That You’re Facing Right Now – Whether Stormy Marriage Or Academic Struggle. When You Invite Jesus To Step In And Take Over, Your Storm Will Be Over.

In A Jet Set Age And Restless World, Seeing Into The Realm Of The Spirit Will Always Confer Rest.

A Time Came When The Syrian Army Were Planning A War Against Israel, Anytime They Attempted To Make War Planes, The Secret Would Leak To Prophet Elisha Through Divine Intervention. And This Made Them To Be Frustrated. Then, They Sent An Army To Arrest The Prophet Of God.

Gehazi, The Servant Of the Prophet, Was Almost Paralyzed By Fear – Seeing The Army Of Syria Encamped Them But Elisha Could Not Be Daunted By Their Presence Because He Could See Into The Spirit’s Realm. He Prayed For Gehazi And His Eyes Popped Open. He Too Could See The Host Of Angels Engulfed Them And He Was At Rest.

Seeing Into The Realm Of The Spirit Will Always Confer Rest Anyday.


life is ordinary struggle outside God's factor

The Race Does Not Belong To The Swift Neither Does The Battle Belong To The Strong. God Is The Lifter And Builder Of Men. He Promotes The Humble And Demotes The Proud.

Trying To Lift Your Problem Without God Is Like Trying To Lift A Lorry Without A Jack. Every Natural Happening Has Its Supernatural Antecedent. The Supernatural Is The Backbone Of Life. Life Is Ordinary Toiling Without God.

I Am The Vine, Ye Are The Branches: He That Abideth In Me, And I In Him, The Same Bringeth Forth Much Fruit: For Without Me Ye Can Do Nothing. (John.15:5)

One Encounter With The Truth Is Worth Than Many Years Of Efforts. Embrace The Truth And Live A Fulfilled Life.

Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris is one of the leading Christian bloggers on WordPress. He has published over 500 articles and has over one thousand followers. He is an interpreter and a Sunday school teacher. His writings have touched many lives since he started blogging. He studied Economics at Olabisi Onabanjo University. He is a tech guru. His technical skills are Web development, ERP solutions, and graphic design.

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    1. Agreed. Peter and others toiled all the night and caught nothing but when they allowed Jesus to stepped into their boat and follow His instruction, they had a net breaking harvest (Luke5:5-6). Thanks for reading and commenting. God bless you🏵🙂

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  1. Loved everything about your post! From the Lion so graciously resting to your words of wisdom. To your analysis to Jesus. Don’t know your profession but I could hear you preaching in my head! Lol. I believe in every word you wrote! Blessed way to start my Friday! Peace my brother!! Life is good!

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    1. You’re welcome. “Don’t know your profession but i could hear you preaching in my head!” – Lol. I’m actually a technical person but my passion for God is undeniable. Thanks for reading, commenting and following. God bless your heart🌺🙂


  2. What a peaceful post! So many reminders of the strength God has to bring us through the storms of life. Sometimes we are like peter who when he took his eyes off of Jesus began to sink. Stay strong in Him. I really like your website.

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