Operating In The Supernatural Part 3

operating in the supernatural part 3

Every natural occurrence has a supernatural antecedent, and the supernatural is the foundation of life. The supernatural is God. The supernatural realm is the domain of God. Strange things happen in this realm. It is the realm of the abnormal (above normal). The supernatural produces things that eyes have not seen, ears have not heard, and men’s hearts have not heard (1.Cor2:9). It is the realm where various healings and deliverances take place. In Christ, we are redeemed as record-breakers. But keep in mind that no one ever breaks a record in their comfort zone. Breaking records necessitates stretching. Nothing becomes extraordinary on its own; it is the result of our extraordinary efforts.


Spirituality is simply ‘scripturality,‘ or living according to the dictates of the Bible. Obedience to scriptural injunctions is the cheapest way to elicit the supernatural’s release. “If you love Me, keep My commandments” (John.14:15). There is always something you can do to get where you want to go.

God’s word is creative. The word has a creative force to it. We live in a world that is framed by words. What you say is exactly what you get. Everything will be OK if you speak clearly; you may correct any errors with your tongue. It was unattractive to God when he saw darkness. “Let there be light,” he urged. There was also light. Darkness bows out when light enters. Light does not struggle with darkness.

Wait, the bible says, “Speak unto this mountain,” not “cry unto this mountain.” Mountains represent issues like sickness, disease, failure, poverty, barrenness, begging and borrowing, hunger, and so on. Have you said anything to that mountain of yours? Whatever He says, He creates. And you are made in His image. That is, whatever you say has the power to create. The tongue has the power to kill and to save (Proverbs 18:21). The Tongue- Fired-Faith has another dimension that many believers have yet to discover. Before the actual killing, David had already cut off Goliath’s head with his mouth. “for I will give you a mouth (mouth gift) and wisdom which all your adversaries will not be able to contradict or resist” (Luke.21:15). Begin to use your mouth gift, friend, by making a bold declaration about the issue at hand. “Don’t say what you don’t want to see in your life,” a wise man once said.

God’s word is medicinal. When you read the Bible, you are seeing more than just letters; there is substance behind those letters. Reading the scripture provides information; meditating on the scripture provides the substance behind the words, resulting in revelation. In other words, through meditation, information progresses to revelation. Manifestation is a result of revelation. Kenneth Hagin was reading Mark.11:23 one day while bedridden, but the word hit him like a thunderbolt. He stood up and demanded his healing. Kenneth E Hagin, may you rest in peace. He had seen that if he believed, he could speak to the crippled mountain and it would move. Deep meditation must have helped him reach the substance level of the word. Consider this: Jesus paid the price for your illness on the cross.

for verily i say unto you, that whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come pass: he shall have whatsoever he saith

The unfortunate reality is that many so-called born-again Christians believe their doctors rather than God; the doctors’ reports rather than the scripture. Recognize that whatever the scripture says is final, God has the final say. Stop looking at the doctor’s report and start reading the Bible. SERVING GOD ensures your overall health; you can’t serve God and be sick (Ex.23:25). “And ye shall SERVE the Lord your God, and he shall bless thy bread, and thy water; and I will take sickness away from the midst of thee” (Ex.23:25). Jesus was wounded so that you would not be in a car accident. Why should you be found in an accident wreck if you can’t imagine Jesus in one? You are meant to live in a pain-free zone as a result of your redemption. “Behold, I give you the authority to trample on serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you” (Luke.10:19).

God’s word is surgical. In the healing workshop, God has spare parts for all of our body parts and systems. God is the great surgeon. I don’t care how messed up your life is; God can fix it. He replaces anything that cannot be repaired. In Genesis, we see how God performed the first surgery in history on Adam, putting him to sleep and removing a bone from his body to create Eve. “For the word of God is quick, and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart” (Heb.4:12).

The world’s doctor once told a woman she didn’t have a womb to carry a child; the woman, who happened to be God’s daughter, went to her maker and cried for help, and she was confirmed pregnant. That could only be God (the supernatural). A man with bone marrow cancer connected to Faith Tabernacle lives online in one Shiloah program. During the program, He appeared to testify that the bone cancer had vanished. He returned a year later to testify that he was the man who came to testify last year, that a year had passed, and that I was still alive and well. The majority of these miracles happened as a result of exhortation. It comes as no surprise that the scripture states that He sent His word and healed them (Psalm.107:20).

Friend, the supernatural is meant for everyone, but some people will never get to experience it until they die. We are a people of equal destiny; there is no difference between Jews and Greeks (Gal.3:28), black and white, first and third worlds. Jesus came to save those who believe in Him. To be clear, supernatural experiences cannot be had until you enter/dive into the word of God. It’s not about preaching it, but about putting it into practice (the devil can preach). You can tune in to the frequency of God’s word by obeying every scriptural instruction. The natural reigns supreme until the supernatural triumphs.

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Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris is a passionate Christian blogger who blogs on WordPress, He writes and publishes faith-related content on his blog Varsity Experience. He aims to contribute his quota at promoting the dominion of light (knowledge) over darkness (ignorance), initially from inception, undergraduates were his major target, but the Holy Spirit revealed to him that the scope of this ministry is beyond just students, as it applies to everyone interested to be translated from darkness to light. He works as a teacher at Winners Chapel, and over the years, many readers have testified how they are blessed by his posts.

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      1. James Gregory Iakobou@wordpress.com Index of Undergrad Papers Pentateuchal Criticism and Genesis

        [[[“””Arnold opens up his article with a quick summation of the history of pentateuchal criticism. In this summary he notes that the tradition of Mosaic authorship for the whole Pentateuch in early Jewish and Christian sources went uncontested (2003, 622). Arnold notes several important Jewish literatures, the New Testament, and also Josephus as ones who support Mosaic authorship (2003, 622). However, as time went on, certain problems arose regarding Mosaic authorship. Several different ideas of authorship for the Pentateuch sprout out from here. At the start of the eighteenth century, “scholars sought to construct literary theories of pentateuchal authorship that would account for the internal features of the text” (Arnold 2003, 622). Arnold outlines where he will be taking his readers from this point: first, the eighteenth century; second, the nineteenth century; third, early and mid-twentieth century; fourth, late twentieth century; and fifth, his own conclusion.”””]]].

        The problem with undergraduate work, young students do not study original manuscripts but rely upon “experts”, in your case “Arnold” to inform them what the original manuscripts say. Its this low education level reason why a BA degree, in terms of getting a job, about as valuable as used toilet paper. Takes little or no skill to read what “others” say about any given subject. In Hebrew the term that applies when Yidden talk “about” others … לשון הרע. This tumah middah the Torah condemned the Wilderness generation to die as exiles; the 10th and most terrible test which definitively proved a lack of faith by the generation which originally accepted the Torah at Sinai.

        The fundamental problem with this German higher criticism none sense, they attempt to study the Hebrew T’NaCH – like as did the Nazis – as an extinct inferior race whose culture customs manner and ways of the civilization which originally produced the writers who wrote the T’NaCH, had become extinct like the dinosaurs. A critically stupid assumption, on par with the idiotic idea that the Jewish people exist as a race.

        Xtianity came thousands of years after the revelation of the Torah; Islam likewise came long after Ezra and the Men of the Great Assembly sealed the T’NaCH. This Old\New Testament none sense, ignorant of the decree made by early 2nd Temple period Jewish leaders who closed and sealed the 22 books comprising the T’NaCH. Xtianity to a very large degree, shaped and formed by the Dark Ages and Middle Ages of feudal European barbarism. Judaism as a religion developed during this horrible trauma of g’lut\exile from our homelands. Prior to the defeat by the Romans in two vicious wars which resulted in over half of all Jews living in Judea, killed in those revolts against Roman oppression; what function did the Written Torah serve in Judean society?

        A basic question which Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), never asked. Doctrine, Creeds, Theology, Dogma define the religion of Xtianity to this very day. Such utter none sense did not shape, influence or determine Judean society – not during the 2nd Temple period nor during the 1st Temple period. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), never ask: what made the construction of the Temple in Jerusalem so special; more specifically, what made this construction so WRONG. Again, a basic question which Xtian “scholars (what a joke), never asked.

        The reason why the revelation of the Torah occurred at Mount Sinai as opposed to Mount Zion, the site whereon the two Temples stood, the site where, according to Jewish tradition, Avraham offered his son Yitzak as a korban unto HaShem; Israel, by the terms of the oath brit alliance cut between HaShem and Avraham at the oath sworn between the pieces (Torah teaches by way of משל\נמשל. Cutting animals in half and walking between the pieces serves as a משל. The necessary דיוק\inference [In his commentary to the Chumash {5 Books of Moshe the word 5 in Hebrew chamesh}, the Ramban refers to this משל\נמשל דיוק learning as ‘black fire on white fire’; something like a film has its negative], learned from the משל of animals cut in half), the דיוק נמשל learns the concept of the 2 opposing\contrasting Yatzirot within the heart.

        The language of the mitzva of kre’a shma (the Torah commandment which defines the mitzva of how to love both HaShem and bnai brit neighbors) the Torah in the 5th Book דברים misspells the word heart as לבב. Rabbi Yechudah Ha’Nasi (Head of the lateral Sanhedrin common law Court) explained the error which mispelled לב, that the service of avodat HaShem requires the dedication of t’shuvah made by both the Yatzir Ha’Tov together with the Yatzir Ha’Rah. T’shuva does not translate into the Xtian term “repentance” because the latter term refers to grief for committing sin, (a Pauline doctrine based upon his absurd notion of ‘original sin’.) whereas t’shuva exists as two opposing memory remembrances of dedication. The t’shuva memories of the behavior of the Yatzir Ha’Rah completely and totally different than the t’shuva dedication which recall the behavior of the Yatzir Ha’Tov in social settings among and between the bnai brit people.

        Returning to the Written Torah revealed at Sinai\g’lut – rather than Zion\site of the two WRONG Temples. Peoples and societies in many ways resemble a domino effect. A wrong decision taken by leaders, recall the לשון הרע which the spies Moshe sent to search out the oath sworn lands, the consequences of that wrong decision effects all the generations who come there after. HaShem warned Adam HaReshon that if he ate from the Tree of Knowledge that he would die. Adam ate and did not die! In the generation of Noach, 10 generations of Adam, they died as a Man in one day. דיוק derived from this and that … the death of a Man includes his soul ie his future born children. Herein defines the din of כרת; a man dies and so too does his soul. Hence the meaning to the term: O’lam Ha’bah. Avram cut the brit between the 2 Yatzirot (נמשל), upon this יסוד\foundation rests the k’vanna of the mitzva of kre’a sh’ma – בכל לבבך\לבבכם.

        A rule that Xtian “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to consider: mitzvot (Torah commandments) learn from other mitzvot — comparable to metal sharpens metal. The Torah negative commandment which forbids adding or subtracting from the Torah commandments, means that rabbinic (inclusive of all later prophetic commandments, like for example the mitzva of Moshiach), that these later commandments must spring from the יסוד of Torah commandments. The new testament Roman authors, they did not know this hard fast rule, even though their gospel forgery refers to Peter as “the Rock”.

        The anointing of David as Moshiach stands upon the collapse of the House of Shaul as Moshiach. New testament “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to consider this fact. The House of David stands in the shadow whereby the prophet Shmuel commanded a mussar (All T’NaCH prophets command mussar. Mussar defines prophesy.), which prioritizes obedience to prophetic mussar commandments over and above sacrifices! The Roman gospel writers of fiction did not know, much less consider this prophetic יסוד on which stands the mitzva of Moshiach from the later prophets. For 2000+ years Xtian “scholars”, (what a joke) fail to learn from the Torah itself exactly which Torah commandment defines the mitzva of Moshiach, as the later prophet Shmuel accomplished!

        This domino effect, it most essentially defines the concept of destiny. Early in the Middle Ages a Jewish Reshon scholar by the acronym name ‘the Rambam’, made an error in judgment that fomented a tragic Jewish Civil War, which resulted in the forced population transfer of millions of Jewish stateless refugees forced to flee Western European barbaric oppression, in mass these despised refugees uprooted themselves unto Eastern European countries and Russia, like as did their fore fathers, the Romans expelled from off the lands of Judea. Goyim expelled all Jews living in the German kingdoms, England, France, Spain, Portugal etc. The domino effect error made by ‘the Rambam’, his halachic code, commonly known as the Mishna Torah, changed the key Talmudic definition for the fundamental term halachah. The equivalent error of giving the “New Testament” parity with the “Old Testament”.

        But as the opening thesis of this critique states, Xtian “scholars” (what a joke) they continually err by attempting to interpret the meaning of Scripture, divorced from the culture, customs, and society of the Jewish people who wrote the Books which Xtian idolatry worships. (Avoda Zarah does not translate as idolatry, a very bad translation, on par with the translation of ברית into the evil meaning of covenant).

        Therefore what role did the Written Torah serve in the 1st and 2nd Commonwealths? The Civil Wars which Israelites fought one another, that lead to the formation of the two kingdoms: Yechuda (The term Jew, derives from the name of this Tribal kingdom.), and Israel. That Civil War hinged upon the issue: Does the Written Torah function as the Constitution of the Republic? Yes or No. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp this critical dispute, which defines the Civil War which likewise split the kingdom and defines the remembrance of lighting the lights of Chanukkah. A Civil War during the 2nd Common Wealth two perhaps three centuries before Xtianity.

        Civil Wars fought among and between Jews always, a hard fast rule, precedes the g’lut\exile of the bnai brit people from ruling, as an Independent nation, the oath sworn brit lands. Hence the first obligation of all Jewish governments: to prevent the outbreak of Civil War among our People. The Torah opens with:
        בראשית א:ב והארץ היתה תהו ובהו וחשך על פני תהום ורוח אלהים מרחפת על פני המים

        The משל\נמשל דיוק teaches that מים refers to the Torah itself. The Creation story teaches a mussar that HaShem will give the Torah to our People during times of great anarchy and chaos. Like, for example, the arrival of the Baal Shem Tov following the horrors of the the Cossack-Polish War, the Chmielnicki Uprising, the Khmelnytsky massacre or the Khmelnytsky insurrection, 1648 and 1657. Like, for another example, the Israeli victory in the 1948 Independence War which ensued after the systematic murder of 75% of European Jewry in less than 4 years by Xtian pagan barbarians. 2000+ years of Xtianity in Europe produced the fruits of the Shoah.

        Torah faith: a person does not believe. Torah faith commands an eternal mussar which requires all generations of bnai brit (Seed comparable to the stars in the sky, despite the fact that at the time of swearing that oath brit Avram had no children.), to “own” the mussar which T’NaCH prophets command all generations of bnai brit Israel to obey. The Torah has no commandment to “believe” not in this or that God, and how much more so not in doctrine, theology, creeds, or dogma. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to make this critical distinction.

        A fundamental error made by Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), their arrogance up rooted the Order of sugiot which defines the T’NaCH Books and arbitrarily replaced this יסוד order, with chapters and verses. The Hebrew T’NaCH has no chapters and verses. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp the יסוד rule that forbids stealing verses, taken totally out of their surrounding sugia contexts. Each sugia of the T’NaCH commands mussar. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), they confuse Logic with Law; owning the prophetic mussar commandments does not resemble nor compares to their replacement theology, which substituted believing doctrines, theologies, creeds, and dogmatism; cherry picking p’sukim\verses defines the counterfeit error of the new testament, on par with the יסוד error of the Xtian bible avodah zarah which worships other Gods, the negative 2nd commandment of the revelation of the Torah at Sinai – which Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to accept and never aroused the courage within their hearts to “own”.

        Therefore the Written Torah has many editors, just as does the Jewish Talmud. Both T’NaCH and Talmud learn through the sh’ittah\methodology of Common Law which requires understanding a specific Mishnaic case with other prior precedents. The T’NaCH employs this identical discipline by and through the organization of the T’NaCH Books into sugiot. Moshe the prophet employed the revelatin of the Oral Torah at Horev through which he commanded 611 Torah commandments. The first and primary commentary to the revelation of the opening two commandments of the Sinai revelation of the Torah.

        Comparing a specific Case to other similar or contrasting Cases requires logic. שמות ל”ד-ו’ ז, defines the revelation of the Oral Torah logic system which permits all generations of bnai brit to interpret the original intent of the Framer[s] of the Written Torah לשמה. Xtian “scholars” (what a joke), fail to grasp the basic fundamental distinction between Torah commandments of mussar and halachic law. The latter, expressed through lateral Sanhedrin common law courtrooms.

        The definition of Torah faith, upon which hinges the blessing\curse – live/death oath brit sworn at Sinai (oaths do not in any way shape or form resemble beliefs), all generations of Israel for ever stand upon the scales of Judgment which weighs the pursuit of justice among and between the bnai brit people; Civil Wars only occur when justice collapses into chaos and anarchy within the domestic civilization of the Jewish bnai brit people. The Torah defines ברית as “alliance”. Civil War erupts when the ברית that binds the Jewish people together collapses. Comparable to Washington respecting illegal aliens as citizens comparable to US “Citizens” protected by the Bill of Rights.


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