Understanding What Love Entails

Love: the master key to overflowing blessings

The cheapest way to know that somebody loves you is giving. All Lovers are givers but not all givers are lovers, because some people give for the wrong motives. For God so love the world and he GAVE (John.3:16). Therefore, demonstrate your love for God by giving.

The hallmark of love is obedience. Our obedience to scriptural commandments is the cheapest avenue whereby we can prove our love for Christ. If ye loves me, keep my commandments (John.14:15). We can’t claim to love God and act against His laws and principles. Obedience today is the surest way to your tomorrow’s enthronement (Phil.2:8-10).

Lovers are kingdom addicts. What is passion? Passion simply means what has your heart. It’s your core interest that connotes what you’re passionate about. If the things of God do not move you, you are not a lover and don’t expect to partake of His blessings. Our undying quest to promote His kingdom, to love what He loves is the gateway to all kinds of supernatural additions (Mathew.6:33). You can’t love God and not be supernaturally favoured. Things that others are running after will be running after you by simply demonstrating your love for God.

Friend, in summary, these are what love entails:

  • The cheapest way to know that somebody loves you is giving.
  • The hallmark of love is obedience.
  • Lovers of God are kingdom addicts.

Author: Chris Adedoyin

Chris is a well-known Christian blogger on WordPress. He has over 500 articles published and over a thousand followers. He works as an interpreter as well as a Sunday school teacher. Since he began blogging, his writings have touched many people's lives. He attended Olabisi Onabanjo University and majored in Economics. He is an expert in technology. Web development, ERP solutions, and graphic design are among his technical skills.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your desire (what you don’t desire, you don’t deserve) with me and for your valuable contribution. I’m happy that it resonated with you. It’s my prayer, God will grant you more grace to be passionate about His interests. God bless your heart🌺🙂

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