In economics inertia (lack of activities) is a major cause of autocorrelation. Therefore, when we are not active in serving God, we bring the problems/issues of the previous year to the current year. There are some people that should have gotten married since last 10 years. There some people that should graduated since the last 5years. There are some people that should have gained admission since the last three years. The reason for these negative situations is because they inactive in service. So, there have been serial correlation of issues. The issues that should have been solved in the previous period (t-1) are still hanging around in the current period (t). The only solution for these ugly situations is to labour in obeying God commandments. Nothing is free in the kingdom. If you must enjoy the blessings of God you must be fully ready to pay the price. Deu.28:1-3, Job. 36:11. God is not a task master, God is a pay master. It is word that we enter that works not the word that enter us. James.1:25. I charge you today to take responsibilty. So that the old issues of misfortune will stop showing their ugly faces.



UNDERSTANDING WONDERS OF PRAISE: praise is neither a calling nor a gift, praise is not something we do when God has done something spectacular. Praise provokes the release of fresh oil. Psalms. 92:10. The presence of God is in praise. PS.22:3, Acts 16:25-30. Praise equals supernatural increases. Jer.30:19. The is glory of God in praise. 2Chro.5:13-14. Praise releases divine direction. Psalms. 92:12. Praise unleashes the favour of God. Mark. 6:21-23. Praise warfare provokes divine intervention. 2chro.20:17-23. Praise is not something that we do occasionally, In order to enjoy the virtue of praise we must enter into a praise life style. Receive the garment of praise in the name of Jesus. Good morning.

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