There are no questions that have not been  answered by the scripture. 2.Tim. 3:17. The word of God is 75% instructions and 25% doctrine. 2.Tim. 3:17. If your question is financial prosperity/supernatural abundance, Deu.8:18, Gen. 8:22 , Job.36:11 are the answers. If your question is divine health, Ex.23:25 i s the answer. If want an end to all struggles/toiling of life; you want what others are running after/dying to get, to be running after you(change/ redirection of traffics), Mat.6:33 is the answer. If your concern/interest/question is long life, psalm.34:7 is the answer. The bible is loaded with answers/ solutions to all questions and problems of life. It is only for you to see/locate  them and plug yourself into them by entering into the conditions spelt out for the answers to be released . For every question there is always conditions to be met before the answer can come to be. Nothing is for free in the kingdom. Your question marks ? can become exclamation marks ! When you buy into the idea of entering into the commandments. enjoyably and tirelessly. Gal.6:9. God has not commanded us in order to ‘punish’ us, but He has commanded us in order to ‘polish’ us. God commandments are not meant for our ‘punishments’ but they are meant for our ‘polishments’ God has not commanded in order to grieve us but He has commanded us in order to impact us. 1Jn. 5:2. Deu28:1-3, James.1:25, Jos. 1:8, Job 36:11. “Things that will impress you will never impact you but things that will impact you will never impress you.” God doesn’t speak to impress you, He speaks to impact you. He operates on commands. You can’t negotiate with Him. All you just have to do is to obey. A glorious destiny can lie dormant for life “Seek  ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and ALL these things (questions) shall become additions(answers) unto you.” Mat.6:33. The word ‘all’ means that there nothing that life demands that God cannot provide. Everything excluding nothing Rom. 8:28, “EVERYTHING (all questions) work together for good (answers) to them that love God.” “He  that hath my commandments and keep them, it is he that love me…I will manifest myself unto him.” Jn.14:21. The bible is an answer book. It is also a solution book.


Ignorance is the major reason why many people are going through what they are going through today. “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea.4:6. They are His people, but they are destroyed because they lack knowledge. Ignorance is the same reason why the devil has been able to molests/assaults so many people today. They are checking newspapers, statistics, GPA, stock exchange barometer, latest transfer news in the EPL, the price of every player in the EPL is in their head – not as if these things are bad -, they are not checking God’s word first. The devil tried it with Jesus but had no choice than to leave. He went on ‘compulsory leave’ because Jesus was word loaded. Lk.4:3-13. Jesus ‘read.’ It is Jesus’ custom to read. Lk. 4:16-17. He located His assignments through book. Lk.4:16-17. Paul recommended studies “Study to show thyself approve.” 2.Tim.2:15. Many people run to pray out of anxieties when they are faced with problems instead of going for the word that deal with the issue first and confront the issue with the word. Don’t forget “He called them god unto them whom the word came.” Jn.10:35. He did not called them god because they pray or fast out of anxieties. He called them gods because the word has gained entrance into them. The word can only gained entrance into you by entering into the word. James.1:25. ‘Like beget like.’ A Son of God is also God. You take after your father. By redemption, you operates in the class of God. Jn.14:12. See yourself as a god. The truth is that ones the word enters you and you enter the word by obeying all the commands, you become god. You can do greater than what Jesus did. Jn.14:12, Jn.10:35.

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