I started Varsity Experience in November 2017 with the hope to share my university experience with the juniors and to help students with Godly orientations, but as I proceed, God made me understand that not only students need reorientation, everybody needs Jesus. With many, adults who are Christians and non-Christians still groveling in gross darkness. That is why my posts apply to all people who are interested to experience the transformation from darkness into light.

This platform is where lives are transformed by encountering God’s word (pure biblical truth). God’s principle is universal, whether you are brown, yellow, black, or white, you need God to help you. Heaven does not help those who help themselves; it leaves those who help themselves alone.

All students and non-students (as long as you are human beings) are called and invited to join VS.
I don’t have any experience that can help you in your academic journey except the one that helped me when I was in school, the only experience that I know works is obedience to scriptural instructions. If it could work for me, it would work for you as well. God bless your heartđź’•