How To Cross A Red Sea Through The Name Of Jesus

There is a giant in every man’s promise land. David had to face Goliath before he could be crowned as king. The Israelites had to cross the red sea before they could stepped into their promise land.

Understand this, there will always be a “red sea” to cross in life, there will always be barriers or impediments on your way to progress or breakthrough in life, there will always be a mountain confronting you.

That is why the scripture says, “say (not cry) unto this mountain and it shall be moved.” Your mountain can be sickness, failure, stagnation, depression, frustration, poverty, etc. Whatever it may be, God is capable of making them all plain.

How Can I Cross The Red Sea?

How To Cross The Red Sea

All you need to cross your ‘red sea‘ in life is the “rod.” This rod can be handled or used to cross any red sea in life. The rod is the “name of Jesus( Read about Four Times You Need To Use The Name Of Jesus From Kenneth Copland Ministry Blog).”

Now, let me call your attention to Isaiah’s prophecy which says that there will be a rod that will stem out of the root/lineage of Jesse – this prophecy is actually pointing out to Jesus and this was fulfilled in (Mat. 8).

With the rod, signs and wonders are bound to explode. Without the rod, Moses was incapacitated, he was just an ordinary man.

With the rod, there was a rain of hails and tempest upon the Egyptians (oppressors) – Ex.8:23. With the rod, the red sea had no choice than to give way, and water had to gushed out from the rock (divine provisions) – Num.20:11.

The rod in the hand of Aaron turned to serpent and swallowed all the serpents of the magicians and astrologers – proven the supremacy of God (Ex.7:10).

Fire answered at the instance of Elijah’s call(1.King.18), thereby disgracing and rubbishing all the god of Baals. Our God is a consuming fire more than anything else(Heb 12:29).

Same rod used by Peter in conjunction with John, “in the name of Jesus rise up and walk” Peter commanded and the crippled leaped on his feet, delivered!

Many people call the name of Jesus, but sadly only few people know how to use it. If you too can learn how to use the name of Jesus, your life will be full of signs and wonders.

You can’t look beggarly with the name because you don’t beg with the name. But you can only command and decree things with the name (Job.22:28).

The Power And Authority In The Name Of Jesus

The book of (Philippians.2) says, He was obedient to the point of death on the cross of Calvary and as a result of His obedience, He was given a name which is above every other name. In the name of Jesus, the things in heaven, on earth and under the earth are put into subjections. Because they can sense a higher dimension of authority.

Anything that has a name is under the authority of the name of Jesus.

Come to think if it: sickness, poverty, disease, failure, stagnation, frustration, depression, confusion, bastardization, victimization, oppression, affliction and all other acts of the wicked have names.

The highest demonic installation can’t hear the name of Jesus and remain comfortable in the life of a victim. Since anyone who is in possession of that name is far above all powers and principalities (Eph.1:21). 10 billion demons can not kill him. This is not an empty boast, but it is life from the fountain of a revealed truth.

So I will admonish you brethren, to use the name of Jesus to transform your ugly situation around, to make plain every mountain that has been confronting your life, to pull down the wall of Jericho that has been blocking your access to your inheritance in Christ, and to cause every of your pharaoh – dogging your path hitherto – to perish in the red sea.

There is power in the name of Jesus that you can tap into whenever you are confronted with a red sea.

Thanks for reading. God bless you.

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