Never Give Up


If people do not mock you; God cannot make you, we serve a God that turns nonentities into celebrities (Peter and others were uneducated but people took notice of them), and we serve a God that turns ordinary men into extraordinary men. Never listen to what they say, never allow their negative talks to haunt you and hold you back. They said you’ll never make it in life, you’re a failure (lies). God has the final say: Paul was on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians, and all the necessary documents had been signed before God arrested him and turned the rascal into an asset.

God turns the sons of nobody to somebody, very soon, those who say “who are you?” Will ask “how are you?” Stop listening to what the WORLD says, start haunting what the WORD says. The world may have facts but the word is the truth. And truths are superior to facts, facts are prone to failure but the truth can never fail. Keep obeying His commandments and believe.
When men are cast down, then thou shall say, there is lifting.” – Job 22:29

God will make you a topic of discussion, a center of attraction, no matter the opinions of people concerning you, follow your gut (conscience), chase your dream, and pursue your aspirations (don’t follow traditions). “Do not be conformed to this world.” Everyone is ‘jobbing‘ and you know that your true passion is business, forget about the traditions and chase after your dreams and vision, vision attracts provisions and you’ll become employers of labor by trusting God (vision attracts favor, people give to the vision, not the visionary). Don’t look for money look for a vision.

You don’t need to know somebody (a mortal man) to succeed in life, you only need to know God (Daniel 11:32), God is not after the legs of men because people are not reliable – only God can be trusted.

Your destiny in Christ is envious (Genesis 26:12-14), stop looking pitied, you’re wonderfully made in Christ, no matter what they said about you (your color, stature, or financial status), you’re the masterpiece of the maker, there is no difference between black and white, or whether you are yellow, brown, tan, you’ve equal right in Christ. We’re a people of equal destiny, the gospel of Christ is universal, whether you belong to the first world or third world, Jesus is for you and your destiny is glorious (Romans 8:29-30), we own the world together, you’re significant, you’re not a mistake.

Do not allow what your teacher, parents, guidance, siblings, or spouse said to hold you back in life, only what He says is valid.

Keep pressing, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel, weeping is not permitted to go beyond a night, never give up, your breakthrough will artive. God has integrity, He is more faithful than you and me, as long as you’re demonstrating your faith in Him by obeying all His commandments, He will keep His covenant, the fact that you’re putting the word of God to work shows that you believe Him and your faith will deliver, all your secret tears will engender open rewards.

Don’t be afraid to identify with Jesus, It’s foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful, He denies people who could not identify with Him openly. Reach out to your friends, and family and tell them about Jesus today and He will answer your prayer.

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Tongue-Fired Faith

tongue fired faith

Your mouth is your destiny molder; your mouth is a weapon of victory in the battle field of life; you are what you say. What you say is a product of what you think. .…for of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaketh. Luke.6:45

Your words are seeds that will become a tree tomorrow. Words sown today will be reaped tomorrow (Gal.6:6-8). This is why you must be very careful with what you say.

A wise man once said, “Whatever you don’t want to see (your life producing), don’t say it because there are angels who are meant to serve you and they are ready to execute every order you give to them with your words.  When you speak words (positive or negative), they execute them.

Suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before the angel, that it was an error: wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hands? Ecclesiastes 5:6

Because you are feeling it, it does not mean that you are having it. Sicknesses always come as knocks. When they knock at your door, it is your choice to open the door for them to come in with your words.

“Oh, this business is a failure.” That’s why it’s failing, you said it. It’s what you call something it becomes. “I can never be poor because prosperity is my birthright in Christ. Jesus became poor so that I could be rich.” I can never be sick because serving God guarantees my total health package. If you can say these, you would see them.

You can use your tongue to correct what is wrong. Don’t be deceived by what flies around. Most things that fly around are lies from the pit of hell.

Stop focusing on feelings or circumstances; start paying attention to what the word of God says. What the WORD says is superior to what the WORLD says.  

When men are cast down, then thou shalt say, There is lifting up. Job 22:29

Supernaturally, you can turn that negative doctor’s report to a positive experience with the power of your tongue. Whatever you celebrate multiplies (Jeremiah 30:19). If you celebrate the negative doctor’s verdict by announcing it to everyone, it will multiply. But if you can despise it with the understanding of the word of God, you will overcome.

David already chopped off the head of Goliath with his mouth before the actual killing took place. Understand this: your mouth is a weapon of warfare. If you say the economy of your country is bad, then it will affect you. If you are the type that says a blissful marriage is impossible and always says negative things about your spouse, Then, you see exactly what you said.

Challenges are stepping stones to success. When you encounter challenges, what are you saying? Who do you blame? God? Spouse? Parents? Uncles? Government? Until you start taking responsibility for the outcome of your life, supernatural change of story is not in view.

Your words can stop God from stepping into your affairs. They (Israelites) saw themselves as grasshoppers before the Cannanites, so they were unable to possess their possessions. But Caleb and Joshua had a different mentality and overcame it. You are what you think your life should be. If you don’t like the way you live, change the way you think and speak the right words that align with your desire.

You don’t have to cry about the mountains in your life; pushing them will also have no effect. Speak to the mountain and they will tremble (Mark 11:23).

In the beginning, God saw darkness. The situation was so terrible that He desired an urgent transformation. Then, He speaks the words. God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. Anything God wants, He said it; as He said, He saw it. Now, you are created in GOD’S image, equipped with all the potential to operate like God. Your words are creative. Whether positive or negative, every word that you speak has the power to create.  So, be mindful of what you say.

Caution! Parents, be warned. Don’t ruin the destiny of your children with your words. What you call a child is what he becomes. Wives, be warned, if the only words you speak to your husbands are curses and abuse, they will turn you into a punching bag. Use your tongue to build your home. Husbands if you don’t pray for your wives the devil would use them – It was Eve that the devil first introduced to the apple.

Open wide your mouth and I will fill it. Psalm 81:10

For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist. Luke 21:15

So, you have a mouth gift. Use it for your good.

Tongue-fired Faith is a new order of faith that most believers have yet to discover. It was the mystery behind Jesus’ victory over the devil in Luke chapter 4. Your understanding of the scripture makes it more effective. It’s your scriptural know-how that determines what you say when the devil strikes.

If Jesus had not understood the Scripture, He would have bowed to the devil and we would not have been saved; If David had not held unto his testimony, he would have surrendered to Goliath. Don’t allow your testimony to go away. Testimonies are faith-boosters.

Tongue-fired Faith is the kind of faith you should subscribe to. Speak well and you will live well. What a mystery!

Life and death are in the power of the tongue. Proverbs.18:21

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