Solution to ups and downs in business


Today you are up, tomorrow you are down.

Today your business is up, tomorrow your business is down.

This is out of ordinary, it is a spiritual problem.

The authentic reason for this kind of trend is “spiritual irresponsibility” what can’t stop you from praying for souls everyday can’t stop your business for running smoothly.

The authentic root of ups and downs in business is spiritual laziness.

Ups and downs will become a story only if you will take responsibility.

If you are the type who is spiritually on today and off tomorrow don’t expect to your business to run smoothly. I’m not talking about church activisms.  Church activisms might lead to hypocrisies.

There are some business men who only remember to pray and check the bible on Sunday. Too busy to check the word of God. Very busy checking the stock exchange ratings.

Until you busy yourself with the primary  interest of God, which is passion for souls, don’t expect God to busy himself booming your business.

Any business that you run that will not allows you to attend church programs, pray for the  lost, hunt after souls through evangelism, it is toiling.

Don’t forget that Peter toiled all the night and cut nothing.  But, when he obeyed God he had a net breaking harvest and  business expansion that his one man business became a partnership business (Lk.5:5-7).

A business that will prevent you from preaching the gospel – e.g running of bear parlour, sale of alcoholic drinks and cigarette, etc – don’t expect the hand of God to stretched towards. Without God you can do nothing.

“I am the vine, ye are the branches: He that abideth in me, and I in him, the same bringeth forth much fruit. For without me ye can do nothing.” Jn.15:5.

Your crawling business await your manifestation in responds to call of obedience in order to switch level. Your business is about to take a new turn only if you can take responsibility.

I must tell you this, if don’t acknowledge God as the one behind the success of your business by bringing the ten part to the house of God, it won’t takes much time before your business will collapsed. These are not fantasy, neither dramas. These are the authentic realities. (Mal.3:7-10). Don’t be religious, be real.

If you robed or steal money and bring it to the house of God, you will be caught. Make your money legitimately. And, let your wealth be clean.







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