Digging Around The Youths

If you’re not a worker you’d be a beggar. Things only work for workers. There is no free launch in life, you can’t eat your cake and have it. What you don’t work won’t work – work out your own change of level. Your tomorrow is determined by you. Jesus said, “i must do the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work.” (John.9:4). Again and he said, occupy till I come! ( meaning that, do business till I come).

Life is business. Your twenties are the best moments to see the brighter you can see for the brightness of your tomorrow. Time not well managed will be wasted. Time wasted may never be recovered. You think you’re small? At the age of 8, people were already ascending throne in Israel. Jesus already knew where he was going at age of 12 – and he said unto them, how is it that ye sought me? Wist ye not that i must be about my Father’s business (Luke.2:49). He was not a play boy. Now, you’re in your twenties, you don’t even know the definition of a vision not to talk about where you’re heading. You can’t have where you’re going and not package yourself dangerously to get there.

In boxing, there is a featherweight (115 pounds/52kg), lightweight (135pounds/61kg), welterweight (147pounds/67kg) and heavy weight (unlimited). The heavy weight are the ‘baba (father)’ of boxing. Before you can be qualified as a lightweight, you must have passed through the level of featherweight, subsequent to cruiserweight (200 pounds/91kg) is heavyweight.  By the time you would have become an heavyweight, your body would have been used to being crushed, and after the referee has counted one, two…., you are already on your feet (bounced back to fight). Why? Because your body has been used to being crushed.

In football, we have under seventeen, under twenty, under twenty-three, etc. People are already watching you at the age of sixteen. You think you are small? You’re already behind schedule. Your mates are already CEO’S in some other countries. This post is to dig around you. Stop being playing boys and girls. You don’t have a spare of life, stop living  rough.

In a sprint, at the beginning of the race you could tell who would win the race. Life is a race, that is what Paul called it: Know ye not that they which run in a race run all, but one receiveth the prize? So run, that ye may obtain (1.Cor.9:24). There are seasons and time for all things, energy level diminishes with age and those who discovered where they belong on time were the ones who were able to make the most of their lives. You can inherit properties but not status. Your worth is as worked by you (you can’t use the certificate you inherited from your father to secure a job even if your father was a professor, his professorial title doesn’t qualify you for a job). Prepare thy work without, and make it fit for thyself in the field; and afterwards build thine house (Proverbs.24:27).

Listen to this: people will not remember you for your title but your name. The value in your name is determined by the impact that you made. We live in a world whereby an army of people are making living while only few are making impact. The few that are making impact are the ones called stars. You’re an eagle, refuse to settle with the ducks. Every genuine child of God is ordained for a flight.

3 Shocking Costs Of Business And Career Breakthroughs

3 shocking costs of business and career breakthroughs

Spiritual cost. Most business men believe that spirituality should be separated from business. This is where they all missed it. Spirituality is key to a thriving business. Because you need to be led by the Holy Spirit to make the right business decisions. Sadly, many people make big decisions in life without hearing from God. Lack of divine directions are the reasons for our poor decisions.

I read a story of a business man who was sold out to the things of God, he was led by God to purchase some land properties which he did, after some period of time, it was discovered that there was gold on the land. He is now swimming in an ocean of supernatural wealth.

Righteousness. The master key to business breakthrough because it opens doors to divine directions. Job was a perfect and upright man who hated evil and love good (God and devil testified), as a result, he had the largest business of his time (Job.1).

The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon (Psalm.92:12).

Because. (there is always a “because” for all our breakthroughs to be released). Because Job was a righteous man, the secret of God was upon his tabernacle as he was in the days of his youth (Job.29:4). The scripture also says, the secret of God is with them that fear him (Psalm.25:14).

Intellectual cost. Lack of intellectual property is the reason for our poverty. Knowledge is the master key to sustainable empowerment. Nothing empowers like knowledge (Prayer empowers but cannot empower above knowledge. The prayer you need to pray is that God should show you the materials to study). Knowledge Is the key to freedom. Where knowledge reigns mountain trembles. The truth is that: my people (God’s people) are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea.4:6).

Capacity and character. We live in a society where there is a gross deficiency of capacity. You’re are employable because of two major reasons: 1) capacity 2) character. The two are mutually exclusive. If you have capacity without character, you might get the job but very soon you’d be fired; if you have character without capacity, you may likely not get the job because character alone can’t do the job.

Until you build capacity and character, your chances of getting a sustainable employment are very slim (training up is your way up). Christianity has equipped you with solid character enough, thank God for that but without capacity, character alone will fail.

Physical cost. Many people erroneously believe that it takes money to make a success in business. While money is useful, your energy is needed more than anything else. Serving God guarantees strength, vitality and health which are useful for building a vibrant and thriving business. Money is good for business but without spiritual, intellectual and physical capacities, finance is futile and impotent on its own.

There are many people running businesses with a huge amount of capital but have never read a single book about the business and how to manage their finances or even attend seminars. That is the reason for their business failures not because of lack of funds but poor management of self, time, energy and resources – as a result of intellectual bankruptcy.

Discipline. The subject discipline is very vital in every field of endeavour. It simply means doing what it takes or demands to complete a given task. Not how convenient the task is but by going extra miles to accomplish the task. No matter how small is what you’re doing right now, if you can pay more attention to it, you’d be surprised that God would turn it into something big.

A business man who hanged a TV box on his office wall, watching BBC and Aljazeera instead of focusing on his business will eventually fail due to lack of focus. Same also applies to a business person who is constantly distracted by checking his/her social media outlets notifications and emails at the expense of his primary business.

Brethren, in summary, the three shocking costs of business and career breakthroughs are:

  • Spiritual cost: righteousness is the master key to business breakthrough and there is always a ‘because’ for the release of our breakthroughs.
  • Intellectual cost: capacity and character are what you need to be gainfully employed and have a successful career.
  • Physical cost: discipline is needed to thrive in our business and career.
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