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I would like to let you know that today is my special day as you join me to celebrate my birthday on this special day.

It has been a journey of 32 years with so much impact across the world. I take no pride in anything. All the life-changing posts we’ve posted on this platform are credited to the almighty God.

Birthdays are celebrations of values and not numbers. It is not about the quantity but the quality of our walks of life that gives meaning to it. I admonish all of us to become people of value. I and my family wish you merry Christmas and a happy new year in advance.

Why Do People Celebrate Misfortunes Than Positive Happenings?

Why do people celebrate negative occurrence than positive ones?

Why do people spread sad news widely like a virus?

( If you have answers to my questions I’m all hears at the comment section).

The day you received an alert of 1M dollar being deposited into your account you did not tell us.

The day you received many comments on your blog page nobody hears about it.

The day you got many views and followers, nobody hears about it.

But when somebody dies, news spread across the city like fire.

When something goes wrong, your misfortune everyone hears.

You are not sad because things are bad. Things are bad because you are sad.

The day you bought a car you didn’t tell us.

They day you bought a house we didn’t here about it.

Celebrate your blessings.

Celebrate your breakthroughs.

Celebrate that you are well and alive.

It’s always good to celebrate your testimonies.

This is the secret of getting more.

(If you celebrate with people; People will celebrate with you. Don’t be envied of another person’s achievements. Your success is on the way).

“We are not achievers; we are privilege receivers.”

It’s uncommon to hear this day from some people that

“my testimony is not ripe to share.”

What is the meaning of that?

Is your testimony a mango?

There is nothing like little testimony to share.

Testimonies shared are victories sustained.

Jesus Christ healed 6 lepers. Only one came back to give thanks.

Did you know what the Saviour says.

He asked, where are the remaining five?

Isn’t that revealing?

That shows that the saviour is demanding for your thanksgiving and praises.

The remaining five, second touch they failed to receive.

Obviously, the first touch was not enough.

They are going to leave the rest of their lives with the stump & scars of that disease (leprosy).

Don’t ever take God for granted if you don’t want to be grounded in life.

The only thing that you need in life to appreciate God is “breath.”

Psalm.150:6 says, let everything that has breath praise the lord.

Why are you now longing for bread to praise God?

It’s never too late to start a lifestyle of praise.

Be sensitive, human being naturally think evil.

And I’m not surprised about this.

Since the fell of Lucifer – the wicked one – all imaginations of humans have become only evil continually(Gen.6:5).

Until you reprogram your mind to the positive pattern of your Parent’s way of thinking you will remain a victim.

You are what you think.”(PS.27:3)

It’s not a quotation; it’s a revelation.

God hates grumblers!

While complain will complicate your matter, murmuring will mess up your situation.

All the people that murmured in the wilderness were devastated by destroyer (1.Cor.10:10).

God hates Murmurers.

Phil.2:14 says, do all things without murmuring and disputing.

Stop spreading bad things.

Stop celebrating negative doctor’s report.

It’s not your portion!

Stop magnifying your financial bondage by begging everyone you meet for money.

Understand that God is the only one who can do what no man can do.

Depend absolutely on Him.

If your can turn all your bitterness, complains, emptiness, heaviness and hatred into thanksgiving, worship and praises;

supernatural multiplication in all departments of your life can never be farfetched.

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