people only believe you when you're consistent in what you're doing

Continuity is the golden rule. Sadly, many people gave up before the arrival of their breakthroughs. Don’t give up.

Continuity is a state of continuing over time, especially without a change or interruption – Cambridge dictionary.

Obedience. In the school of obedience, tireless, undying, unrepentant obedience is the gateway to supernatural blessings.

But whoso looketh into the perfect law of liberty, and continueth therein , he being not a forgetful hearer, but a doer of the work, this man shall be blessed in his deed ~ James.1:25

Say there’s a worker who refuses to work till the end of the month and ask for salary. His employer would also refuse to pay him salary because he didn’t allow the month to complete before he opted out from the job. So also, you can’t collect God’s salary until you endure till the end. God only rewards those who diligently and differently serve Him.

but my servant Caleb, because he had another spirit with him, and hath followed me fully, him will I bring into the land whereinto he went; and his seeds shall possess it

Endurance. God is not slow. Stepping out before God’s timing is always like a curse. The fig tree was cursed because it moved before its time (Mark.11:12-14). God made everything beautiful in its time (Ecc.3:11). If you miss your planting season as a farmer, you would miss out for the year. This is very important, you must be sensitive to God’s appointed time. The vision is yet for an appointed time, even if it tarries, wait for it and it shall not tarries (Hab.2:4).

The good news is that there’s no weeping that’s permitted to go beyond a night (Psalm.30:5). There’s always a light in the end of the tunnel. There’s nothing that has a beginning that has no end. Are you believing God for something that seems not to be coming forth? God wants you to know that He’s not slow. You can’t have the endurance and not laugh at last.

God usually builds slow and solid not fast and fragile
If you were a first class graduate with 5.0 (GPA), you’re not qualified to become the school Vice Chancellor. You would rather start as a Junior Lecturer. Life is in phases. You may later become a first class Vice Chancellor but it’ll take some years to get there.

Kingdom mindedness. There’s a strange thing about praying kingdom oriented prayers. Kingdom oriented prayer and other kingdom priority engagements are the keys that open the door to supernatural additions. This thing works like fire. (Mathew.6:9/33).

There was a confederacy and ganged up against Daniel. Their efforts to find faults in Daniel was futile. Daniel was a man of integrity to the core. What else could they do? They compelled the king to establish an enactment, this was quickly set up and the enactment was executed.
Daniel was not daunted by their empty threat. He opened his windows and prayed continually – I believe Daniel actually prayed kingdom oriented prayers. Daniel was brought to book for exercising his fundamental human right (freedom of religion). Then, God showed up, delivered him from the lion’s den and made him relevant under six kingdoms. Understand this: kingdom focus will turn your destiny into glorious, if you’re interested.
they that be wise shall shine as the brightness of the firmament. they that turn many to righteousness are stars forever and ever

Daniel prayed his way to enthronement (Daniel.5:29). He didn’t just pray kingdom focused prayer but he prayed it continuously, the threat notwithstanding.

There are too many here and there people on earth. One leg in, one leg out. Hot today and cold tomorrow. Inconsistency causes us to start all over again all the time. That’s one surest thing that takes us back to square one. The reason many people fail in life is lack of discovery of purpose, shapeless life, and living by law of accident.

Daniel prayed to an extent, the king had no choice but to worship him. Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him ~ Daniel.2:46

Other biblical examples of those who were kingdom minded are Abraham, King David, King Solomon and Hannah. Abraham stood in gap for nations and he became an epitome generational blessings. King Solomon couldn’t see anything else worth asking for than wisdom that would benefit his people. As a result, he became the wealthiest man ever lives.

At 84, Hannah departed not from the temple, she served God with prayer and fasting day and night (Luke. 2:37).

What could be said of you? Are you kingdom conscious or self-centered as you pray and lay priorities before God?

Remember this one thing, There are many smokers and drunkards on the street that need your prayer and attention. Suppose there is person to go down on his or her kneels and intercede on their behalf they would have been saved.

Only if there are people who are not too busy with ‘toilings‘ and reach out to them they would’ve been rescued. Kingdom focus isn’t a waste of time and doing it perpetually isn’t a waste of energy. It’s a spiritual investment that engenders the most profitable rewards and causes what others are running after to be running after you.

Summary, continuity is the golden rule. Continuous, unrepentant obedience is the gateway to supernatural blessings. Be sensitive to divine timing. When a farmer misses out from the planting season, he misses out for the year. When you miss out your appointed time you’ll be disappointed.
Stepping out before your appointed time is always like a curse. God made everything beautiful in its time. In five years time, what worries you today will no longer be your concern. Many people gave up before the arrival of their breakthroughs, don’t let that be you. Kingdom mindedness causes what others are running after to be running after you.

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