Recovered from depression

Feeling depressed? Embittered, fretted, worried, despondent; down and almost completely out? Business failure has become the order of the day. Strategies are not working, customers are not coming. You have done all you could. Frantically, you’re worn out.

It’s not your fault. It’s the quality of your light that is not enough. Darkness struggles not with light. Light and darkness can not coexist. The moment you turn on the light in your room what does darkness do? Darkness will go without thinking about it. Helpless darkness.

Until light emits in a full glow darkness reigns. Knowledge is the key to freedom. The key to dominion.

What do you do when you don’t know what else to do? Get into praise. This battle is not yours. Be still, hold your peace and let God take over. The wall of Jericho came down flat at the instance of praise. David, the praise warrior, who had the most incessant opposition in his time was undefeated in battles. The oppositions that confronted the Israelites in second Chronicles chapter 20 helped to kill one another. Hallelujah!! They were all dead bodies.

This thing just goes around looking for who is available. Who is ready to commit suicide? Understanding from the fountain of God’s wisdom will make you perpetually grateful that your case is not the worst. Have you ever seen a naked man or a man who has no leg? – if you complain that you have no clothes or shoes. If you don’t thank God for the joy of your life today don’t expect Him to organize other experiences that will bring more thanksgiving. If you’re not joyful you will be fretful.

Arise and shine your light is come! Wake up! You sons and daughters of Zion. Shake off your feet from the dust and get into praise.

The race does not belong to the swift. The battle does not belong to the strong. God is the builder and lifter of men. Promotion does not come from the east, west, south, or north. It’s God that promotes and demotes people. Without God, life is toiling just like the vicious circle of poverty. Outside God, life is a struggle. Peter struggled all night and caught nothing. Until he follows Jesus’ instruction, a net-breaking harvest is farfetched. In the same way many people, even the so-called believers are toiling today. Obedience is the key to business breakthroughs. Tireless and unreserved obedience is the gateway to financial break.

Hear this: if you’re not an excited giver you may die poor. The Bible says it’s more blessed to give than to receive. Give and it shall be given unto you pressed down the good measure. That is the promise of the lord for your life.

My posts are not to impress you but to impact you. God does not speak to impress but to impact. Likewise, things that will impact you will not impress you. Thanks for reading my post.


In economics, depression is a stage of the business cycle in which all economics activities are down. A prolong recession equals depression. That is, when recession persists for a long period of time, depression appears. Any government who doesn’t implement the right policies, will soon collapse with no time. So also, in the individuality type of depression, the victim is responsible to implement the right scriptural  measures or else the individual will soon crumble with no time. Praise is the antidote to all human depressions.

Prolong recession equals depression.In depression period, capitalists enjoy little or no profits and productivity becomes low. Unemployment and redundancy appear on the scene. Standard of living depreciates. Per capita income reduced. Poverty explodes. Frustration and confusion become the order of the day. Appreciation equals multiplication, or better still, appreciation is the pathway to recovery and boom.

However, as children of God, the economics situations of our countries have non-effect on us. We are not operating on our countries’ economics system but rather, we are operating on heavenly economics system. When you depend absolutely on God, the condition of the economics of your country becomes null and void against you.

As a matter of fact there Is no dry season in serving God. The realm of boom is our realm. The realm where things work. This is the stage which GOD has planned for us.

In God’s agenda we are not permitted to live as paupers. Abject poverty is a work of the enemy. It comes from the devil and not from God. “Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in good health, even as thy soul prospereth.” 3.Jn.12

As a matter of fact, poverty is a sign of disobedience. Hear this: the gospel of Christ has zero tolerance for poverty. “The spirit of Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach to the poor.” Lk.4:18. First, to preach to the poor. If you are poor, you are a disappointment to Jesus.

You are not permitted to be depressed. Lack of obedience is the root of all depressions. As it affects the country at large likewise it affects an individual.

Take a look at most countries where they are not calling the name of the Lord. Their lands are in turmoils. All manners of unrests are taking place there. From terrorists attacks, to raping and kidnapping.

A peaceful nation is a “Godful’ nation. A peaceful individual is ‘Godful’ individual. A ‘Godful’ individual Is a wonderful fellow.

Commit yourself  to the things of God and you will never be in a state of depression again. Let God employs you and unemployment will vanished in your life.

Say ye to the righteous, that it  shall be well with him: for they shall eat from the fruits of his doings.” Is 3:10. You are looking for a job, God will surprise you this week. You will be granted the divine ideas to become an employer of labour.

You can’t have access to the table and struggle for the crumbs. “But he answered and said, it is not meet to take children’s bread, and cast it to the dogs.” Mat.15:26. Earthly employers can use you and dump you, but God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

Whether depression or recession, none of these stages is desirable. God does not bless group, You alone can walk out of depression without any political backing or a support from any government.“Behold I come quickly my rewards are with me to give every man according to his works shall be.” Rev.22:12.

Things might be bad in the country, things can’t be bad for you. Be joyful and don’t be fretful. You are not sad because things are bad, things are bad because you are sad. Praise is not a gift neither a talent, praise is a commandment. “Let everything that hath breath praise the lord.” PS 150:6. If you don’t  appreciate God , you will depreciate with time. Praise is where God live. Appreciation provokes the manifestation of God’s presence. “But thou art holy, O thou that in inhabitest the praise of Israel.” PS.22:3





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