The Power Of Imagination

The outcome of your life is a direct product of the state of your mind. Most people are broke in life simply because they are broke in thought, until you change the way you think, you cannot change the way you live. It’s not what you have that makes you rich; it’s what you think. We will never rise above our present conditions if we are not thinking beyond them.

“For as he thinks in his heart, so is he” – Proverbs.23:7.

Most people are victims of oppression more than anything else, their thinking has been affected due to long-term oppression, and so they have been used to servitude. The same thing happened to the Israelites who spent more than 400 years in Egypt, serving the Egyptians in agony and hardship. Unfortunately, they didn’t want to leave Egypt because they were used to slavery – sufferings were in their DNA which was why they blamed Moses for initiating the freedom.

May I tell you this, your present condition is not your portion – never mistake the former with the latter – your current situation is not your permanent address. You are on that job because God wants you to use their resources to develop your gifting (that your place of work is not your final bus stop).

The most difficult project to complete on earth is to change someone’s thoughts, it’s easier to complete a high-rising building than to complete the project of changing people’s mindsets but it’s not impossible to achieve because Jesus was able to change the minds of eleven disciples. If He could do it, that means we can. 

Your mind is the gateway to your life. God thinks and He thinks positively (Jeremiah.29:11). You are created in God’s image and as a god after the kinds of your Manufacturer (God), which means as long as you are not a bastard, you are not permitted to think negatively. God answers thoughts in as much as He answers prayers. The woman with the issue of blood did not pray, she thought within herself, took steps, and was healed (See, Mathew.9:20-22)

“I said, You are gods; indeed, all of you are children of the Most High” – (Psalm.82:6).

Superhuman projects like the Pharoah’s Light House, Hanging City of Babylon, and Pyramid of Egypt were accomplished by the power of imagination. If you can see it; you can have it. God told Abraham to look Northward, Southward, Eastward, Westward from where he was, all the land that he could see shall be given unto him and his seeds (See, Genesis.13:14-15). Wait a minute: A future you can’t picture don’t expect to feature. Sight is seeing the present condition. Vision is seeing beyond the present condition. Faith is vision and vision is faith. (See, Hebrews.11:1).

However, the Bible says that we should not walk by sight but by vision (See, 2. Cor.5:7). Because sight limit God to perform His will in our lives while vision hastens the hands of God to perform His will for our destiny (See, Jeremiah.1:11-12). If your dream doesn’t scare you or looks seemingly difficult for you to accomplish it’s not from God because a dream from God will always require God’s hands for performance. You are responsible for the finances of the dreams you determined; God is responsible for the provision of His dreams you discovered. If you can do what you do without God, check it, it’s not from God. God’s ways are always bigger than your ways (See, Isaiah.55:9).

Brethren, your mind can either make you or mar you. Enlarge your heart and think like your Father in heaven. Think of the impossible and the invincible. And commit God to perform it.

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Understanding the Blessings of the Lord

Curses are real. By default, the generation of men was cursed because Adam and Eve disobeyed God. However, we are created as blessings and not curses. We are created to be blessed and to serve as a blessing to others. Adam sinned, and the blessings turned into curses. But God designed another plan to bring us back to our original state. Jesus came to restore our lost glory & reconnect us to the ‘Abrahamic‘ blessings (Gal.3:14). It takes the blessing of the Lord to destroy the curses of life.

The blessings of the Lord are obtainable by plugging yourself into covenants, laws, and principles of blessings (if you are not a giver you cannot prosper). It answers to the principle of seedtime and harvest; giving and receiving. The principle of labor and hard work. There is no shortcut to the blessings of the Lord. You’ll have to follow the process. If you follow a shortcut life will catch up with you. Life has always caught up with those who jump process life.

The blessings of the Lord are not anchored on the skills of men. You can be skillful and be unfruitful. Jacob was a man of skill. He was a trickster. He didn’t enjoy peace because he was always afraid that Esau was after him. He was a trickster but he met another trickster higher than himself. He labored for fourteen years but had nothing to show for it. Until he wrestled with an angel who changed his name to Israel, it was struggle continues.

We are in a generation whereby most young people crave overnight success. They are in a hurry. For this reason, they venture into all sorts of crime – especially cybercrime and money ritual. No wonder they don’t have peace. They are always afraid of law enforcement agents. Most corrupt politicians have no peace. They used bulletproofs while they are not soldiers. Because they are always afraid that somebody is after their life same way Jacob was scared.

You can’t climb a tree from the top. You can’t fly a plane without first generating enough ground power that will sustain it for the flight. You can’t cut corners in life scot-free. You can’t climb a ladder from the top. You can’t climb a staircase from the top. You need to start from the ground floor. Life is in phases. Wealth got by vanity shall diminish. He that gathers by labor shall increase (Proverbs.13:11).

You can be rich and not be blessed. Blessings cover all aspects of life. It covers health, marriage, longevity, and finances. Here, the most corrupt politicians are victims of satanic afflictions. They possess a deteriorating health condition. That is an example of riches with sorrow. The blessings of the Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow with it (Proverbs.10:22). There is no shortcut to God’s blessing. You must climb the ladder. The ladder is there. But the climbing is yours.

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