Boom is a stage in the business cycle when economic activities are their peak. In this period, capitalists enjoy high sales and high profits. The country GDP rises and B.O.P becomes favorable. We can perpetually operate in a boom period all through our life time if we can keep scriptural commands perpetually. Deu.28:1-3. Our God is a God of addition. Mat.6:33. Our God is a God of multiplication. Jer. 30:19. He is the lifter and builder of men. Eminem(American rapper) titled one of his songs recovery. Why do you have to recover if you be in a state of boom for life. James.1:25. You can continually/perpetually operate in the realm of boom forever. A realm where everything is working. A realm where everything boom. Business, academics, health, career, finances, children, vocations, works, grades, GPA, Projects, blogs, etc. Everything booms!Nothing goes down serving God. Psalm.1;1-3, Jos. 1:8, Deu. 28:1-3. God thinks and He thinks positively. Jer. 29:11. 3Jn.1:2. You see, you too must think and think positively. Positive thoughts lead to positive outcomes while negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes. God can’t break this principle because of you. You are what you think. Pro.23:7. God also answer thoughts. The woman with the issue of blood in the bible, said within herself, if she could touch the hem of the garment of Jesus she would be made whole. Action follows ( thoughts preceded actions), she did so and she was made whole. Mat. 9:21. Don’t just read this post, put the word to work. As it is word that you enter that works not the word that enters you. The word that enters you holds no value for anyone. James. 1:25




What is faith?

  • “Faith is the substance of the things hope for. The evidence of things not seen.”Heb.11:1
  • Faith is not waiting for God to perform. If you wait you can wait till eternal and nothing will happen. James. 1:25
  • faith is an action. Mat.9:20-22
  • Faith is praising God in the middle of conflicting situation/ turmoil. Acts.16:25-26.
  • Faith is obedience to scriptural commands/putting Gods word to work. “Faith without work is dead.” James.2:17-20


  • Engage in a praise life style. It is “breath” requirement not “bread”  PS.150:6. PS. 22:3
  • Engage in a praying lifestyle. Mat.6:9, lk.18:1, lk.2:37.
  • Hear the word of God everyday. ROM.10:17
  • Pray in the HolyGhost. Jude.1:20.
  • Think positively. Prov.23:7
  • Speak/decree/proclaim/sound positively in line with what your positive thoughts. Prov.18:21, lk.21:15. “Your mouth is not meant for decoration, it is meant for declaration.”


  • God is not moved by your tears, complains, grumblings, murmurings, fears and anxieties. He is only moved by your faith. James.1:5-8. Phil.2:14
  • Everything bows to faith – as long as they have names – even, death bows. Phil.2:9-11
  • The supernatural manifest according to everyone’s faith. Jn.14:12, mat.9:29
  • It takes faith to return back-to-the-sender every arrow of the wicked/devil. Eph.6:16
  • Anybody who has faith constitutes a terror to the devil. Ep.6:16
  • It takes faith to move mountains ( poor grades, failure, sickness, sorrow, death, frustration, poverty, man mishandle – the list is endless- mat.17:20, mark.11:23).

Men of old who did explosive wonders/miracles were fearless. They are men who looked at mountain in the eyes and told it to disappear. They are men whom the sea departed at their presence. Even if you could not move  ant before, with faith you could be an amazement among your contemporaries. Faith is not reserved for some special people, even if it is, that means you are special. With faith your GPA can boom! You don’t have to settle for less, your father can’t be the creator and lack creativity. Get this straight: God has integrity. He does not speak empty word. Num.23:9 and the scripture cannot be broken. Jn.10:35. Until you are out  He is in. “It won’t take me much effort to destroy winch or wiszard,” “ten billion demons cannot kill me”these are not empty boasts. They are the truth from the light of the scripture. Lk.10:19


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