The 5 virtues of fasting

A picture of food which is used to break fasting

Fasting is not an advice neither an admonition.

Fasting is a commandment.

But thou, when thou fastest, anoint thine head; and wash thy face.” Mat.6:17

In the light of the above scripture, it is ‘When’ not ‘if’ you fast which means there is a particular time you must fast.

And, obedience is the master key to all opened doors of blessings (Deu.28:1-3).

“And it come to pass, if thou shall hearken diligently unto the voice of the Lord thy God, to observe and to do his commandments which I command thee this day, that the lord thy God will set thee on high above all the nations of the earth. ” Deu.28:1

Fasting means fastening your body in order to edify your spirit. It is giving strength to your inner man.

What are the 5 virtues of fasting?

1). Revelation – Fasting is the gateway to an outbreak of revelation. And, revelation precedes manifestation. Nothing come to be outside revelation.

And if thou draw out thy soul to hungry, and satisfy the afflicted soul; then shall thy light rise in obscurity, and thy darkness be as the noonday.” Is.58:10.

2).Supernatural restoration – Fasting restores supernaturally every stolen and lost item. The thief ( devil) specializes in stealing people’s glorious destinies (Jn.10:10).

And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places: thou shalt raise up the foundation of many generations; and thou shalt be called, The repairer of the breach. The restorer of the path to dwell in.” Is.58:12.

3).Illumination – Fasting sparks off light over issue of life. When light is shed over an issue, the darkness around it disappears.

Then shall thy light break forth as the morning, and thine health shall spring forth speedily: and thy righteousness shall go before thee; the glory of the lord shall be thy rearward.” Is.58:8

4).Liberation –  Fasting is the key to liberty from every shackles of the enemy. It is the pathway to freedom from satanic oppressions. It breaks bad habit as stealing, corruption, lying, lesbianism, etc.

Is not this the fast that I have chosen? To loose the bands of wickedness, to undo the heavy burdens, and to let the oppressed go free, and that ye break every yoke.” Is.58:6

5). Power and Authority – Fasting confers or vested in us the authority over the affairs of life. Both positive and negative forces in all realms of existence are bound to answer at our commands due to our royal status.

Then shalt thou delight thyself in the lord; and I will cause thee to ride upon the high places of earth, and feed thee with the heritage of Jacob thy father: for the mouth of the lord hath spoken it.” Is.58:14

Jesus was just like anyone else in the land until He  went on 40 days fasting and prayer. But on his return, signs and wonders erupted.

His authority and power switched level. People began to exclaim  What manner of man is this, that even the wind and sea obey him!  We have seen strange things today!

But the man marvelled, saying, what manner of man is this, that even the sea and wind obey him! ” Mat.8:27

There some evil forces that have been sitting on people’s destinies that can only be unseated by engaging in fasting and prayer.

Enter into fast and collect your birthrights being withhold by the wicked.




Prayer & Fasting 4ever

Empowerment is not for free, there nothing for free. Any valuable thing you see for free might be an enticement. The day empowerment will come for free has not come.

It is prayer and fasting 4ever. There is no expiry date for prayer and fasting. God doesn’t impress people, He impacts people instead. Things which will impact you will not impress you. Things which will impress you will not impact you.

Those who do common things get common results, those who do uncommon things get uncommon results.

Everyone was blaming Esau for selling his birth right, millions of believers are currently selling their birth right for a morsel of food.

You will see an adult already dragging tea cup with nursery school children at six AM in the morning. He needs feeder bottle as well and repeat nursery school.

If you don’t take responsibility, you will die in abject poverty and exposed to all manners of satanic assaults. Devil  will enjoy his freedom by linking you up with any demons of his favourites.

You are responsible for the outcome of your life, not your uncles, aunts, sisters, brothers, father, mother or and any of your relative. Every man is responsible for the outcome of his life. Anybody that can eat or talk can pray.

There is a chosen fast, there is  an inspired fast. Chosen fast is to initiates you into the fasting system while inspired fast is the one you’re inspired to embark upon , like the one which Nehemiah embarked upon. Be inspired to fast. Is.58:6

There many forces of hell that won’t let you go unto you fast. Fasting is not punishment, it is  polishment. It is the gateway to freedom. As you enter into the commandment of fasting, anything that won’t let you go, will go down for you

Fasting implies afflicting your body in order to edify your spirit. The battle of life can’t be fought with six packs, you will have to strengthen your inner man in order to fight the battles.

A man engaging in prayer and fasting.

Life is a war. A war between good and evil, a war between light and darkeness, a fight between poverty and abundance, a battle between success and failure. Jn.10:10

Fight the good fight of faith, you will disappoint Jesus if you loose. “Fight the good fight of faith.” 1.Tim.6:12.

If you are the type who still open a bible and find it dry, or who sleep while preaching is on going in church, ah! ‘They have get you,’ I must tell you this, you have an issue, big issue. You need dry fasting, marathon one.

Collect the blessings from your parents by being responsible.

A picture of food which is used to break fasting



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