Every commandment of God is meant for our profitable living. Deu.28:1-3. But, there is no commandment that will not leave us with a responsibility to take in order to actualize the blessing it carries. Deu.28:1-3, James.1:25, Job.36:11. An adequate understanding of the blessings attached to these commandments will enhanced your participation in obeying them.

The Commandnents

  1. Prayer is a commandment. ‘When’ you pray not ‘if’ you pray. Mat.6:6. “Pray without ceasing” 1.Thes.1:18, “All ‘men’ not ‘pastors’ ought to pray and not to faint.” Lk.18:1.
  2. Soul winning is a commandment. “Ye have not chosen me, I have chosen you to go and bring fruits…” Jn.16:15. Jer.1:5
  3. Fasting is a commandment. ‘When’ you fast not ‘if’ you fast. Mat:6:17. “Is this not the fast that I have chosen.” Is.58:1
  4. Praise is a commandment. “Let everything that has breath praise the lord.” Ps. 150:6
  5. Thithe is a commandment. “Being ye all thite into house..” Mal.3:10


Fasting is a commandment. “When you fast” Mat.6:17 not if you fast. We fast to afflict our body in order to edify our spirit. Most of the benefits of fasting can be found in Is.58. Those who ‘fast’ are ‘fast’ (speed) in life. Is.40:31


  • Fasting engenders our total freedom from all satanic oppressions. Is. 58:6
  • Fasting is the gateway to unending illumination. Illumination happens as result of God’s revelation.  Is. 58:8. And, darkness disappear at the presence of light.
  • Fasting facilitates answered prayers. Is. 58:9. (It is your prayers that God answered in the fast. So, no prayers, no answers. Mat.17:21)
  • Fasting is the pathway to the release of outbreak of revelation. Is.58:10. Revelation equals illumination  which later leads into manifestation. You can’t make things happen expect they revealed unto you. Life answers to seeing.
  • Fasting unleased supernatural abundance. Is. 58:11
  • Fasting equals change of class/level. You walk in high places when you fast. You do not belong to the last, you belong to the top. Is. 58:14
  • When you fast, it is either you are walking, running or flying. You can’t fast and be crawling. You can’t fast and be stagnated. You can’t fast and be in a slow motion/traffic. Nothing can hold you down when you fast. Is.40:30-31