Overcoming Fear, Sicknesses, and Untimely Death

Fear is bait for defeat, anything you fear has the power to defeat you. Here in Nigeria, we defeated Covid19 by faith. Despite all predictions, Africa had the least number of cases, we chased the demon away by our faith. The spirit of fear is not from God, it is from the devil. In 2 Tim.1:7, For God, hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and love, and a sound mind. The devil was behind the fear of Covid, not God.


The primary source of sickness and losses that happen to people is the devil (see Job 1). If you are not afraid of sickness, it cannot come upon you. Job was plagued with sickness because he was afraid of it. He said In Job.3:25, For the thing which I greatly feared, is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of comes unto me. Brethren, I encourage you to be strong in faith. Faith is not a risk, but doubt.

The enemy

Sickness is an enemy. According to the scripture, the enemy comes to steal, kill, and destroy, but Jesus has come to give you life in abundance (see John.10:10). I pray, that you won’t waste all your resources on sickness. Amen. If you can receive health for free why do you have to pay for it? Jesus paid the price of your sickness – in full – on the cross. He took your place in sickness the same way He took the place of Barnabas on the cross. Himself took (took in the past tense, He is not coming to take) our infirmities (Mathew.8:17).

Wait a minute, I am not against medical practices but I do not rely on them. My trust is in God, the master surgeon, and the great physician. You cannot rely on it too, it is too risky to depend on. The sad thing is that many people believe in their doctors more than God. For me, whatever God says is final. Period. When God did a surgical operation for Adam in Genesis, there was no recovery period. Adam started functioning immediately – and there were no scars. God has a spare part store for all of your body parts. Whatsoever that is not repairable, is replaceable. He is your manufacturer. He is the only one that can fix you. I have seen people who God gave brand new kidneys. I have seen people called barren, whose case was medically termed “impossible” became joyful mothers and fathers of children. God is real!

There are 8 things that people fear:

– People fear sickness (they fear what the doctor says).

– People fear accidents (the fear of road, water, and air accidents).

– People fear failure (they are unable to step out into something great because of the fear of past failure).

– People fear change (they are unable to initiate change/embrace change so they stick with the status quo).

– People fear crowds (those who are afraid of public speaking).

– People fear authority (those who are afraid of the law and its consequences and are scared to challenge bad governance).

– People fear insecurity (the fear of war, uprising, and insurgency).

– People fear death (the fear of death kills faster before death comes).

I don’t know which category you fall under, but I can assure you that there is nothing to be scared of as long as you are in Christ. The scripture mentioned “do not be afraid” 365 times. Why? Because without fear, the devil cannot harass you. Many people are victims of satanic oppression because of the things they fear.

The fear of death

Why do you want to leave (die) early? If you leave early, you will carry blocks (heaven is undergoing construction). It all has to do with your mind, and the way you think, you can determine when to leave if you believe. King David wrote the lower limit, 70 years (see Psalm.90:10) and he died in his seventies Wikipedia, David died at 70 Abraham wrote the upper limit, 120 years (see Genesis.6:3) and he died at 175 Abraham died at 175, Wikipedia You can write yours.

Whatsoever you believe you are empowered to become (see proverbs.18:21). Serve God and the interest of His kingdom guarantees longevity (see. Exodus. 23:26). Appear in Zion (Zion means church) and you shall be strong (see Psalm.87:4). Strength indicates long life. There is nothing mystical about long life, the knowledge of your covenant right to a long life is the key. The power of death is not with the devil anymore, it’s with Jesus (see Revelation.1:18).

To conclude

The devil uses fear to manipulate people into his plan to oppress and torment them. God does not give us the spirit of fear but the spirit of a sound mind, this means that fear does not come from God but the devil. What does not scare you cannot defeat you.

The key to overcome fear and its negative consequences is to have quality knowledge of the word of God – God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea.4:6) – which is what this post is all about. This post aims to give you an awareness of your covenant right to health and long life. If you are not afraid you will overcome every negative doctor’s verdict. If you are not afraid you will triumph in everything you do in life. If you are not scared, you commit God to His integrity as He confirms His word in your life.

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Understanding The Wonders Of Divine Direction

understanding wonders of divine direction

We are redeemed as stars (Dan.11:32, Dan.12:3, 1.Cor.2:9).

We are redeemed to be great (John.17:18, Heb.12:1-2, Mathew.11:11, John.14:12).


It will take following divine direction to realize our glorious destiny in Christ. We must follow His way to experience His acts (Psalms.103:7, Prov.14:12, John.14:6)

It takes revelation of God’s word to command exploits (Dan.11:32, Is.60:1/22 Psalm.119:130)

In committing yourself to turn many to righteousness, then He causes your stars to rise.

the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want

How Do I Know That I Am Led?

a). When you’re led by God, He allays all fears. When God leads, we are fear free – you can’t have God with you and have fear with you at the same time (Psalm.23:1-4). Fear torments its victims (1.John.4:18). Unusual confidence is built when God leads (Ex.14:15, PS.114:3, Phil. 3:3).

b). When God leads, He keeps the led ever refreshed (Psalm.23:2-3).

c). God’s leading does not tense a man up, it deflates pressures. The bible is the manufacturer’s manual with instructions on how to maximize our adventure on earth (Prov.4:13, Deu.5:32).

God made all things beautiful in His time

There is a time and purpose for every purpose on the earth but He made all things beautiful in His time (Ecc.3:11, Luke.19:41-44).

When you missed your planting season as a farmer, you have missed out for that year. When we missed the appointed time to any divine agenda, we will be disappointed (Hab.2:3-4).

Every statement of the scripture is an oath made by God. It is a vow committed to His integrity (Is.14:24).

What God will tell you to do will never contradict what has been written in the scripture.

Everything partaking in God’s movement, ends up becoming noble (Jer.30:21, Prov.14:20-28).

The master key to divine direction

Holiness is the master key to divine direction (Job.29:4, Ps.25:14).

Without Holiness no one can see the Lord. We have the responsibility to maintain a Holy living (2.Tim.2:21, 1.John.3:3, Mathew.7:25-26).

Final thoughts

Understanding equals outstanding. A thorough understanding about the wonders of divine direction can cause you to have outstanding results in your affairs. The following are the salient points listed in this post:

when He led them in the wilderness they thirsted not and water gushed out from the rock

  • When are redeemed to be great and shine as stars but it will take divine direction to make this come to pass.
  • When God leads, fears are allayed.
  • When God leads, pressures are deflated.
  • When God leads, He keeps the led ever refreshed.
  • In committing yourself in turning many to righteousness, God causes your star to rise.
  • There is a time and season for all things.
  • Every statement of the scripture is an oath.
  • Everything partaking in Gods movement ends up becoming noble.
  • Holiness is the master key to divine direction
  • When God leads, He makes provisions (Psalm.23:1)

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