My First eBook Is Launched (Give Away)

Positive thinking here doesn’t correlate with the positive thinking that psychology preaches. However, the difference is that while psychology believes’ system, draws its strength from scientific research, Christianity or faith-based positive thinking draws its strength from the word of God. Christianity is not a believes’ system nor a religious theory. “It’s drawing life from the fountain of truth revealed.” Anonymous. It’s the manifestation of the power of God in His people.

Psychological rooted positive thinking is prone to failure while faith is not. Psychology positive thinking is premised on reasoning, faith is a mind-based activity (it’s rooted in the heart). Faith does things that human logic sometimes perceives as stupid.

Faith means the mind is killed by the head, air of fear and doubts cannot be perceived when faith is active. Faith-based positive thinking secures divine attention and provokes the release of miracles, signs and wonders.

I remember a night when my dad was almost gone. My mum was screaming in the night, my younger sister and I were at home sleeping in our separate rooms. We jumped out of our rooms and rushed to witness what was happening. Getting to our dad’s room we saw our dad lying down flat on the floor. Mum was crying, my younger sister too was crying, and crying is contagious…..(to read the complete story, make a purchase)

“We become what we think about. “Earl Nightingale

This piece was extracted from chapter 4 (Escape Through Positive Thinking) of my eBook: Escape From Economic Holocaust.

I’m glad to announce to you that I’m giving away 10 copies of the book to my readers as Christmas gifts but based on certain few conditions:

  • Drop a comment and your email to where you’ll receive the epub file with a link for to a free epub reader download.
  • Visit my author page and subscribe for new updates. Once your subscription has been confirmed, I’ll send the eBook and the epub reader’s link directly to your mails.

The first 10 people to do these are the ones that will receive my Christmas gift. If you’re not among the first ten, don’t worry, you can still make a purchase here for a little token (I’ve scaled down the price so that it can be accessible by everyone, the price might be increased later).

Remember, the best way to maximize opportunity is to make a timely move.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year in advance. December 27th is my birthday, be the first to congratulate me (just stick around this page, there might be more giveaways).

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