The Power In The Blood Jesus

To overcome the enemy in the battle of life, first, you must understand the mystery that’s behind the power in the blood of Jesus. I realize that some doctrines forbid the usage of blood. Out of sheer ignorance, some denominations in the body of Christ hold such a paralytic belief.

Understand this: the blood of Jesus is your last card of overcoming the enemy in the invincible battles of life. “And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they loved not their lives unto the death.” (Revelation.12:11)

How Do I Use the Blood?

By Pleading the blood- you can overcome any unwanted habit that does not conform to the will of God by pleading the blood of Jesus. For instance, maybe you are a drunkard who wants to stop drinking but the forces behind the habit won’t allow you. You can plead the blood whenever you’re craving for a drink by saying “by the blood of Jesus, I refuse to drink” The same goes for smokers, fornicators, adulterers, etc. You may plead the blood for a defense. Simple phrases like “I’m covered by the blood of Jesus,” “my family is covered by the blood of Jesus,” “my children are covered by the blood of Jesus,” can go a long way to exempt you from the horrors of darkness.

By sprinkling the blood- you can put your business, Job and career, academics, marriage, and finances under divine covering by sprinkling the blood to their point of contact. You don’t have to go to Rome to get the blood of Jesus. Just get yourself a pail of water and blessed it.  You can pray that God should turn the water to His blood. Then, sprinkle the water in your office, business place, house, business card, Exam ID card, and other items as you wish. You can sprinkle people, places, and things; depending on the areas you want to triumph over the forces of darkness (Leviticus. 8:30). Note, you can also use anointing oil. Buy a bottle of anointing oil, blessed it yourself, and anoint yourself, your children, the point of contact to your business, career, education, etc.

A scriptural quote (Psalm.105:13-14)

By drinking the blood- you can drink from the water that you have blessed or just take a shot of the anointing oil. This will turn your gene, DNA to Jesus’ gene and DNA. Therefore, whatever that cannot be found in Jesus is not permitted to be found in you.

Final Thoughts

  • Using the blood of Jesus to secure triumph over the power of the enemy is meant for all. Nothing is mystical about it. All believers are ordained as prophets (Jeremiah.1:5). And all believers are sent to perform signs and wonders. These are parts of our mandates (Luke.10:9).
  • Listen: It’s not the water neither the oil that helps you to overcome the enemy fighting against your destiny. It’s the faith content in you that makes it work. The pail of water and the anointing oil only serve as channels where the power in the blood of Jesus flows. It’s the level of your faith in the process that causes the miraculous to explode. Remember, Jesus always says be it to you according to your faith. It was not the faith of Jesus that heals, but your faith. Jesus cannot heal you without your faith in place (nobody can believe for you).
  • The mystery of the Passover blood will exempt you from the things that afflict others. Remember how it exempted the Israelites from the plagues that affected the Egyptians. Others can be sick; you are not permitted to be sick. Your case and my case are different. What affects others is not permitted to affect us. The blood can mark us out from the scourge of afflictions.

Stewardship – The Gateway to Supernatural Packages

What is stewardship?

Stewardship means laboring. It’s engaging in various spiritual platforms that provoke the release of supernatural rewards – Revelation.22:12.

Stewardship is partnering with God for the pursuit of His agenda here on earth. You’re not working for God, you’re working with God. In an earthly partnership, every active partner is entitled to a dividend. So, you’re entitled to a dividend partnering with God – Mathew.6:6/17.

The Platforms of Stewardship

(1). Spiritual stewardship.

(2). Financial stewardship,

(3). In-service

(1). Spiritual stewardship can be further categorized into: (I). Prayer labor (II). Prayer and fasting labor (III). Soul-winning endeavor.

(I). Prayer labor. Prayer is not just a platform for making requests; it’s also a platform of service. Prayer labor platform provides a lifetime opportunity to serve God by praying kingdom advancement (oriented) prayers as a lifestyle (Mathew.6:6/11/33). And prayer is a commandment (Mathew.6:6). Other scriptural references: Luke.2:37, 1Thess 5:17, James.5:17, Eph.6:18, Zech.8:21-23, Is.66:8.

The prayer you prayed today will work for you tomorrow. There are angels in heaven holding vials, which are the prayer of the saints (Rev.5:8).

(II). Prayer & Fasting Labour. At 84, Hannah served God with prayer and fasting day and night as she departed not from the temple – Luke.2:37. Fasting is not advice neither an admonition, it is a commandment – Mat.6:17.

(III). Soul-winning endeavor. As believers, we have 2 mandates: (1). Prayer (2). Soul-winning. Soul-winning is not a talent, neither a gift. It’s not a calling, it’s a mandate (Jer.1:5, John.15:16 & Luke.10:1-4).

(2). Financial Stewardship. Financial stewardship is a platform where you can serve God with your money. Example: the platform of tithe and offering, the platform of giving, i.e. giving to the poor, church planting, humanitarian services, and sacrificial offering (Haggai.1:6-15, Malachi.3:10, & Deut.16:16).

(3). In-Service. In-service is a platform whereby you can join and work in many service units of your local church. Example: chorister unit, interpretation unit, prayer unit, sanctuary unit, hospitality unit, etc.

Packages of Stewardship’s Engagement

Spiritual stewardship yields the most profitable rewards. These are the packages:

(1). Supernatural Defense. One of the most expensive things to get in the world today is defense. As a faithful steward, you don’t have to pay for it. For instance,” testimony about how I survived an accident.” No country or organization can offer you defense.

(2). Divine Health. Again, you don’t have to pay for health because Christ has paid for it on the cross, nothing wrong with medical treatment, but it’s only when you’re sick that you go to the hospital (Mathew.8:17).

Serving God guarantees a sickness, disease, and accident-free life (Exodus.23:25). He took (took on past tense) our infirmities long ago. He is not coming to take. If you can’t imagine Jesus in an accident wreck, why must you be found in one?

(3). Supernatural prosperity. He became poor so that you and I can be rich (2. Cor.8:9). Serving God with your money guarantees you to live above poverty (Job.36:11). The topmost things that God wishes for you and me are to live in prosperity and be in good health (3.John.2) and He is happy when you are rich (Psalm.35:27). His thought for us are good and not evil (Jer.29:11).

Final thoughts

  • Stewardship means engaging in spiritual labor.
  • Without labor, there is no favor. David was laboring when he was called to the throne. Daniel labored in Potiphar’s house before he ascended the throne.
  • There are various platforms of stewardship: spiritual, financial, and in-service.
  • Have a reward mentality. There are packages or rewards for your labor. Some of these rewards are supernatural defense, divine health, and supernatural prosperity.
  • Serving God is your way up.

praise warriors: understanding the wonders of a praise lifestyle

praise warriors: understanding the wonders of a praise lifestyle

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