The Power of Law

What is law? To define law, first, you must understand that there are different forms of law. There are ritual laws, natural laws, and legislative laws. If you are going to define law, don’t define it loosely.

Forms of Law

Ritual laws are temporary laws. They are laws that people obey when natural laws seem to be defective. For instance, it’s a natural law that lungs are used to breathe, and the use of a ventilator is a ritual law because the ventilator is temporary, and the lung is permanent.

Natural laws are permanent laws. They are divine laws. For instance, it’s a natural law for fish to live in water. Fish can never say it has outgrown water. The day a fish stops living in water, is the day it dies. Natural laws have come to say whether you like it or not. Gay and lesbianism are like fish saying I have outgrown water which consequence is death (not just physical death, but spiritual death).

Legislative laws are the laws enacted by governments, they are government policies that are meant to protect a nation, well, sometimes they destroy it – due to bad policies.

Why do people hate law?

They see laws as bondage, as being under control. So, they want to be free. Free from what? If you leave your country because of the laws to stay in another country, you are going to face another set of laws.

You do not obey laws to become a citizen, you obey laws because you are already a citizen. For instance, you do not obey the traffic light to become a citizen of your country, you obey it because you are already a citizen. Likewise, you obey scriptural laws (which are also supernatural laws) because you are a citizen of the kingdom.

Every scriptural law is for our benefit (both old and new testament laws). The ten commandments are permanent laws. That’s why every constitution on earth is against stealing and killing. The law of seedtime and harvest is for your profit, it doesn’t add anything to God. If you are not a giver you cannot prosper. God has not commanded us to grieve us but to bless us, For this is the love of God, that we keep his commandments: and his commandments are not grievous 1 John.5:3. Scriptural laws are not for our punishment, they are for our polishment.

Benefits of Law

Orderliness. Law is good. Where there is no law, there is disorder. Where there is law, there is peace.

Protection. Laws are meant to protect us. For instance, the traffic light is meant to protect us from accidents. Scriptural laws are meant to secure our destiny.

Natural laws are permanent. Ritual laws are not reliable because they offer temporal solutions but natural can be trusted because they provide permanent solutions. For instance, the lung provides a permanent solution to the need to breathe while the ventilator offers a temporal solution.

Law versus grace

Some preachers encourage grace over laws. The sad thing is that grace has become a license for sin. Those who hold this view, argue that they do not want to be controlled by legalism. The word legalism is not bad as it has been portrayed, ask the Lawyers.

To conclude

I don’t believe life is difficult. If you can understand the laws of the scripture and obey them, success would be very cheap. Men should love their wives and women should submit to their husbands (Ephesians.5:22&25), it’s a permanent law. You will never have peaceful marriage unless you and your spouse obey this law.

Lawlessness is a risk. To be lawless is to be lifeless. Set boundaries around your life. Don’t hate the law. Create law. Obey law.

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