The Mystery Of The Holy Spirit – Series One


There is one spirit but diverse in operations. The Holy spirit is the spirit of revelation, boldness, wisdom, obedience, excellence;  quickening spirit; and  godliness. There are  diversity of operations but the same God works in all (1. Cor.12:6). The subject of the Holy Spirit is one of the most  essential topics in the school of faith but hardly discuss. Anywhere you see Spirit in the bible put word  with Holy spirit. 

“And i will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.” (Ezekiel.36:27)

The Spirit of Revelation

Possession is a function revelation. Until you see it don’t expect to have it.  Revelation equals manifestation. The cheapest way to make things happen is to have access to supernatural revelation and the Holy Spirit is the one who reveals all things according to the scripture. With the baptism of the Holy Spirit, you have access to the mind of God and the mind of God are the deep things (secrets) of God which can only be searched and revealed by the help of the Holy Spirit. For you to hear from God, you must be in the Spirit, that is why it’s so important that you remain in the Spirit and be sensitive always (to the nudges to the spirits).

The Holy Spirit, in His capacity, can  teach you all things and also reminds you  of all things. The scripture says,

I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now; howbeit when he, the Spirit of truth, is come, he will guide you into all truth: for he shall not speak of himself; but whatsoever he shall hear, that shall he speak: and he will shew you things to come (John.16:12-13).

One would have expected Jesus to have told His disciples everything He known about Himself  in those about three and half years they stayed together. Conversely, they had not even know any yet according to Jesus. He will always has something to say to you, listen to His voice. The word all covers all departments of your life. It covers your health, academic, finance, marriage and business. With the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, you can never be stranded of ideas. 

The Holy spirit is also the spirit of truth.  And you need the spirit of truth to destroy the spirit of lie. Lie disqualifies for heaven, you know (whether white or black lie). When you are infilled with the power of the Holy Ghost, telling the truth becomes very easy. Wait a minute, you don’t to obey God with your strength and ability, obedience becomes very cheap with the infilling of the Holy Spirit – Christianity is sweet when the Holy Spirit is involved (Ez.36:27).

To conclude, i will quickly recap: the Holy Spirit is ONE spirit but multifaceted in operations. He is the spirit of revelation, truth, excellence, wisdom, “the quickening spirit,” and obedience. The Holy Spirit is capable of teaching you all things including your business and academics. It takes the spirit of truth to destroy the spirit of lie (the devil is the father of liars – it takes the spirit of God to destroy the spirit of the devil). Christianity is sweet when the Holy Spirit is involved.

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2 Kinds Of Asking You Have Never Been Told

Many people know about one aspect of asking but only few people know about the other aspects. There are three types of asking found in the scripture:

2 kind of questions you have never been told


  • Asking For Things
  • Asking For Empowerment
  • Asking Questions
  • Conclusion

(1). Asking For Things

This type is the most familiarized by many. There is nothing wrong in asking but it is disgusting the way many believers have become self-centered. King Solomon for instance, God told him to ask anything he wanted, a profound statement that many of us will be eager to hear, but Solomon asked for one thing that would benefit the whole people of the land. God didn’t only gave him what he asked for, He also gave him wealth and prosperity.

Our God is a prayer answering God

(2). Asking For Empowerment

The platform of prayer and fasting is the platform of empowerment. We saw Jesus who went to the wilderness to fast for forty days and nights, just to be empowered.

Before He fasted, He was like any ordinary man in the land but when He returned, He was extraordinary because He had been empowered. Then, people began to exclaim, “what manner of man is this!” “Even the wind obeyed Him!” “We have seen strange things today!” Demons cried out His name and left their victims.

If you’re looking for supernatural power to deal with any devil or any of his agents, prayer and fasting is the platform you should plug into. Only few believers know about this, no wonder many believers are suffering the same kind of satanic assaults as the unbelievers.

(3). Asking Questions

King David asked questions always

We serve a question answering God. Listen: you’re not questioning God, you’re asking for direction. Don’t get it twisted, questioning God is not the same as asking question. David is a typical example of a ‘questions-asker’ He never made any move without asking God for direction.

There so many people in business today who would ventured into the wrong business without asking for direction. Practice asking questions, you will be amazed with the kind of response you will get. Many great servants of God are ‘question-askers,’ ask God genuine and sincere questions, you will be excited with the answers that you will find.


In this post, I discussed the three types of asking found in the scripture, one aspect is well known to many believers while the other aspects are not all known. Sadly, many believers capitalized only on the well known aspect and were eluded of benefits of the other aspects. The aspects discussed are as follow:

  • Asking for things
  • Asking for empowerment
  • Asking questions

God is not an idol, wait for an answer when you ask Him a question.

By next week Monday (7PM), we will start a new series titled, “The Mystery of The Holy Spirit” Thanks for your time.

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