Praise Expands People

If you are not joyful, you will be fretful. God does not owe anyone anything, you owe God praise. Praise is where God live. If you want to seek God, pray; if you want to seek God, praise him. If you have ever lost anything, God is the reason why you have never lost everything. It doesn’t leave you with much choice, praise is a commandment. Let everything that hath breath praise the lord. PS.15:6.

If you are not joyful, you will be fretful. If you don’t appreciate God you will soon depreciate with time. We praise God in order to get more from him. Your tears and complains doesn’t moved God. God hates murmurings, grumblings and complains. Stop complains. Murmurings will further mess up your situations complains will further complicate your matters. “Neither murmured ye as some of them also murmur are destroyed by the destroyers.” 1.Cor.10:10. Stop advertising your problems start celebrating your success. We live in a country where bad news are spread like virus but only few will celebrate good news. Celebrate other people success as your success is on the way. Let the voice of your appreciation be greater than the voice of requests. I have seen so many frustrated prayer warriors but I have never seen any frustrated praise warrior. And incase you have seen one, let me know. A smile to someone a day is worth more than 1 billion dollars. Praising God in the midst of conflicting situations is a sign of strong faith. Acts.16:25. God comes down when you praise Him. Appreciation equals multiplication. “Out of them shall proceed thanksgiving the voice of the that make merry, i will multiply them they shall never be few, i will also glorify them they shall never small.” Jer.30:19.The presence of God come to be when we praise Him. Praise is where God dwells. “But thou art only; O thou that inhabitest the praise of Israel” PS.22:3.

Virtues of Praise

There glory of God in praise, there is presence of God in praise, there divine favour in praise; there is divine intervention in praise; there supernatural multiplication in praise. Anytime Jesus was faced with conflicting  situation, he gave thanks and wonders follow. When faced with multitudes, He gave thanks and after He had given thank; the multitudes  was fed. John.5:6-7



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