30 lessons in 3 Decades

30 lessons in 3 decades

The Bible says, and the child grew and became strong; he was filled with wisdom, and the grace of God was on him (Luke.2:40, NIV). At 30, Joseph became a prime minister. At 30, David became a king. At 33, Jesus accomplished His mission and was enthroned. The period of 30s is the period of enthronement. I believe this new phase of life is my phase of enthronement.

Clocking 30 in December 2020 had made me sit and reflect on life lessons and wisdom I have gained during my 3 decades of existence. Below are the 30 life lessons coming from the fountain of God’s wisdom.

(1). Your life is your choice; your choice is your destiny. We live in a kingdom of choices and not chances. Your choice determines your lot in life. The ball is in your hand.

(2). People should be allowed to follow their dreams.

(3). Don’t be conformed to this world (Romans. 12:2) means don’t allow traditions to dictate your destiny. Don’t let anyone map out your destiny. Don’t allow anybody to suffocate your dream unwittingly. Choose your path and follow your dream.

(4). Aspire. Aspire. Aspire. Always strive for a greater height. Even when you’re growing old, never stop dreaming.

(5). Don’t be afraid to say no if where people are leading you is not where God is leading you. We must hear from God by ourselves as to what to do with our life.

(6). You have the right to the existence of humanity. Nobody is born to be deprived. We are a people of equal destiny. Before God, we have equal weight. There is no difference between the Jews and the Gentiles. “Black does not connote lack.” – Oyedepo

(7). The narrow road is where lesser people thread. In most cases, the only person you might meet on the road might be Jesus because that is where He threads.

(7). Let your consciousness leads you; let the Holy Spirit directs you.

(8). Never sell your life. Work hard to create a place for yourself in space. Always strive for self-reliance and success.

(9). “If wishes were horses, all beggars would ride.” – Oyedepo. Refuse to become a beggar. If you are not a giver, you cannot prosper.

(10). Whatever you don’t earn adds no value to you.

(11). Applied revelation is the only guarantee of our change of position.

(12). You cannot go beyond the information at your disposal. The brighter you see; the faster you go.

(13). People in this part of the world celebrate their dreams. Information is the currency of destiny.

(14). The know-how of each one generates the results that they get.

(15). Life is not about what you take, but what you give.

(16). Life is not about your position, but your contribution.

(17). Godliness is the pathway to greatness. Your journey to greatness begins with godliness.

(18). Our limited destiny is unlimited in scope. Jesus was sent to be great. And He sent us to be great as His father sent Him. And He except us to do greater works than His.

(19). Loving Him above all else is what qualifies us to be espoused to Him (to become His husband). You love your spouse. Well, that’s great! But love God above all.

And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.-Mark.12:30.

(20). We are redeemed as assets and not as liabilities.

(21). We are redeemed as blessings and not as burdens.

(22). Jesus has fully paid the price for your and my sicknesses and diseases on the cross. So, sickness has no legal right on us anymore.

(23). The higher your kingdom dream; the greater your coast of blessings (Mathew.6:33). Things that others are running after run after you when you focus on God’s kingdom.

(24). You are what you think and say. Your mind is the gateway to your life. Mind what you allow to stay on it.

(25). Serving God does not decrease people; It expands people. Serving God is not a waste of time. God is not looking for who to use; but who to bless.

(26). The more you reference God; the more He honors you. Taking God for granted will make you grounded in life.

(28). Praise expands people. Multiplication is a product of appreciation (Jer 30:19; John.6:6).

(29). “If don’t take responsibility you would die as a liability.” – Oyedepo. Any man that does not work should not eat. Faith is not a cheap talk; it’s hard work.

(30). God is not slow. He makes everything beautiful in its time. You can’t climb a tree from the top. You need patience. You need endurance. Habakkuk. 2:3.

Now you have it. Those are the 30 lessons and wisdom I want to share with you. Hope you are blessed. Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding. (Proverbs.4:7).

praise warriors: understanding the wonders of a praise lifestyle

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Dropping the keys to Academic Success

There are two keys to academic success:

  • Spiritual key
  • Physical key

Dropping the keys to academic success

Spiritual Key

If you want to excel in your academics, spirituality should be your first approach. You must first place high premium on spiritual endeavours. Your prayer life must be in place.

Be ignited on the altar of prayer by praying kingdom oriented prayers daily, at least one hour. Join the soul winning army and be on the go for Christ. You do not need the talent of soul winning before you embarked on the journey of hunting for the souls (Mat.6:6,Jn.15:16).

Still on spirituality, be expectant. Set specific goals for the kind of grades you desires. God doesn’t takes assumptions, God only answers specific requests. It baffles me the way many believers come to Christ with vague expectations and requests.

That crippled man in the Bible was shouting for mercy, Jesus asked him, what do you want me to do? In specific term, don’t just plead for mercy, be specific in your requests (Mark.10:51).

Here, your writing materials are essential. Pick up your pen and a sheet of paper, list specifically the kind of grades you desires from God.

Don’t settle for average grades, God has unlimited capacities to do all things beyond your imagination (Mat.19:26).

I have done this when i was in school in several occasions and let me tell you this , it works. I enjoyed regular good grades all through my years in school.

For instance,

ECO 101.       A5

Math 102.     A5

Eng 103.        A5

Soc 109.         A5

Pol 123.         A5

The above are typical examples of requests narrowed down in specific terms. Don’t just say, God I want good grades. What type of good grades do you want? There are A’s, B’s and C’s. C’s might be considered as good for a student while it might not be considered as good for another.

Nevertheless, be faithful. You must answer the faith question before you can get anything from God (Mat.9:28). As you are pursuing after his interest, believe that you are not doing it for nothing, you are doing it for something.

After the order of Daniel, there is an excellent spirit found in every genuine believer (Dan.5:12). You belong to the top, you don’t belong to the bottom (Deu.28:13)

The Physical key

Preparation – There is this saying that those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail. Don’t just sit down and wait for the exam’s day to arrived before you study.

Start preparing right from the beginning of the session. Programmed yourself for study, visit the libraries to get textbooks and other available resources that might help with your study. Don’t be stingy, buy textbooks and study them on a daily basis.

Dropping the keys to academic success

Don’t missed lectures. Stay focus in every lecture time and a good note taking will go a long  way to bail you out in this regard. Get a recorder to record the lecturer explanations in each session as this will gives you the leverage to listen to the lecture repeatedly in order to grab any point you might have missed out.

Burn candles!😃 lol, I said burn candles, though people don’t use candles these days to study anymore. What i actually meant is that you should study overnight. The most productive period is the night, ceased the moment.

Oh! I almost forgot about discipline, beware of over feeding, over talking, oversleeping and over watching of movies. In my own opinion, I don’t think you need to have a TV box in your room as a student, you’ll be too comfortable to be studious. Watching Aljazera, CNN or BBC on the eve of exams will be detriment to your outstanding performances.

Read books outside the school curriculum, get books on success. There are keys in such books which you will never hear within the wall of the institution.

Lastly, study in sequence to the courses you have on the exams’ timetable. A student who has English on the eve of exams studying political science will definitely end up as a failure.

I believe you’ be found this as useful, share it with your peers and you will all excel together  in Jesus name🙂