Do not indulge in sex – You don’t need it for now. Having sex with a guy does not mean he will marry you. Anybody who cannot wait for you to complete your studies and get married to him should better go. Beware!! Most especially the ‘freshers’ (new comers), don’t allow some guys deceive you to sleep with them just because you are fresher. Do not hang in guys’ hostel to do your admission processing and verification. There are so many cases where ladies cookies were gotten cheaply in the course of admission processing and verification. Do not act like ‘JJC’ (new comer). So, be smart.

  • Do not miss lectures – Varsity is not just only about being guru (good/genius). There are so many brilliant students who will still come out with third class. Most lecturers ask students questions in the exams based on what they discussed with them in the class because they know that it is not all students that attend classes. Be humble, varsity is all about learning with character. Do not act as ‘Oga’ (boss) when you have not graduated. Be real and do not copy others.



  • Do not ignore your assignments – Assignments are important. Some carry 5, 10 or 15 marks while attendance carries 10 marks as well. It just depends on the style of the lecturers. Some lecturers may decide to use assignments to award the whole marks for CA (Continuous Assessment). Just make sure that you do them and appropriately. Do not copy and paste, do them yourself. The ones that you can’t handle can be taken to your seniors who are ‘good’ in order to assist you.
  • Do not miss CA and EXAMS – Please; this is your life we are talking about. Do not pay someone to write your CA and Exams for you. Do everything yourself. Read, study, burn candles overnight and prepare well for your CA and exams.
  • Do not stay or sleep in guys hostel in the night – You might end up giving out your cookies foolishly or even been raped.
  • Do not club – For me, I do not think that you need clubbing (partying) for now. Clubbing will only serve as a distraction and destruction to your academic success. Instead of going to the club, attend church services and programmes as this will do you a lot of good.
  • Do not gossip – ladies I beg your pardon to say this, it seems as if it is in the blood of most ladies to gossip. Do not forget that you are in the varsity to learn theories and solve complex calculations. Therefore, you have to do more keeping quiet than talking. Those who talk more than they listen are always foolish.


  • Do not live a couples life on campus – There are so many girls who go to varsity to live with their boyfriends. This is very bad as it is not good for your success in both academics and future. We have seen many cases where some ladies who are sent to varsity for studies ended up being a full time house wife while still in school. She will wash her boyfriend cloths, boxers, cook food, pay rent and spend all her hard earned parents’ money on one stupid boy that will not marry her. Ladies!!! Wise up.
  • DO not do without having a smart phone – You will need a smart phone even if it the lowest cost ones, just make sure that you get yourself one. This is to keep you updated and informed about academic activities. Make sure that you are on your department group chat and don’t be stingy to buy data on your phone. Your class representative will have to be communicating with the class via group chat. There might be some changes in lecture periods, venues or their might be  fixed classes. All of which will be communicated via the group chat. So, you will need good phone.
  • Do not miss tutorials – Tutorials are like lessons outside the school which can be organized by co-students, seniors, or external persons. Via tutorials you can learn so many things that are not cleared to you in the class. Finally, ask questions! Ask questions!! Ask Google questions too!!! Thanks.









Unleashing the Power of Faith in Academics

unleashing the power of faith in academics graphics

Faith can help you break through your academic struggle. It is a common error made among students in varsity by focusing all their attention, time, energy and strengths in battling with theories, and sophisticated calculations and models. Academic success is simple when faith is involved. We all need to know that, it is the simplicity In faith that is required to solve the complexity in studies. No lecturer within the varsity wall will teach you about faith. This explains the reason why many students are failing in their studies due to their ignorance about power of faith. I do not want you to struggle with your studies again; this is why I am sharing with you, the power of faith in academics which has helped me to walk out from my own academic struggles.

• Faith is an act
• Faith is a work
• Faith is not waiting
• Faith is acting in line with what we believe
• Faith is the substance or evidence of things hoped for or not seen.
Do not be surprise because you might be seeing some scriptural passage in this post. Just try to get used to it.
Faith is putting God’s word to work. Faith without work is dead. James2:20. Faith comes by, hearing, hearing by the word of God. Romans 10:17.


Do not be surprised when you are faced with several challenges in varsity as your natural ability will not be able to withstand the troubles. Steps outline below will help you to build your faith if put to work.
• Find a ‘correct’ (good) place of worship – I recommend ‘Winners chapel’ (living faith church) – but not compulsory that you attend ‘winners.’
• Hear the word of God daily –This step will require you to attend church services regularly. Romans 10:17.
• Put God’s words to work by:
• Daily prayer – I like to do in the morning before any activity and in the night before I go to bed. Prayer is one of the cheapest way to serve God. Luke 2:37.
• Change the content of your prayer –By praying kingdom oriented prayer. Try to minimize your demands on God. Mat 6:9.
• Win Soul – Be a mouth piece for .God. John 15:16.
• Live a lifestyle of praise.- Praise is a commandment. Psalms 150:6
• Pray in the HolyGhost – Jude1:20
• Speak in line with what you believe. Death and life is in the power of the tongue. Prov18:21.
These are the truth about academic excellence as you won’t hear in any varsity. If steps is not taken a golden destiny can lie dormant for life.


fresh oil graphics


Fresh oil means fresh revelation, fresh divine insight. According to Bishop Oyedepo. He asked in one of His preaching “must the oil in the engine of your vehicle go stale before you change It? No is the answer. This means that when you engage in any of these spiritual activities: Praise, fasting, prayer – you receive fresh oil from God concerning every issue of concern and life is a function of revelation. Life answers to seeing it doesn’t answers to looking. The Holy spirit is the “revelator” as you don’t have the memory to learn, master and remember all the complex stuffs you are thought in school. Jesus said He had many things to say to His disciples but they did not have the brain to bear them all – unless they want to break their head – John16:15. Many students are experiencing same today as natural brain cannot comprehend all the complex issues in their studies. What you guys need is the help if the Holy Spirit and you can’t get this except you engage in spiritual activities as your lifestyle. In that book of John, Jesus said further that the Holy Spirit will remember you all things (academic stuffs inclusive).
I will only tell you the truth; I will never tell you a lie. If you want your academic struggle to be over plug yourself into the ideas outlined above and subscribe into the ideas of engaging in spiritual activities as a way if life. God does not speak empty word. He is more faithful than you and I. It is my prayer, as you engage in this idea of serving God as a life style your academic struggle is over.


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