Kingdom Advancement Prayer(KAP) is for our profiting

Kingdom Advancement prayer is for our profiting

All commandments of God are for our profiting. God has not commanded us in order to grieve us; He has commanded us in order to bless us. In this post you will learn what KAP means and its benefits.

What is kingdom Advancement Prayer (KAP)?

KAP is the prayer that focuses on the enlargement of the kingdom of God. It’s a kingdom oriented prayer such as (1). Praying for the souls of the lost to be saved and established in the church and faith (2). Praying for the growth and expansion of the church (3). Praying for the word of God to increase – miracle brings people to church while the word of God keeps them (4). Praying for the destruction of the evil force that has been holding people down from getting saved (5). Praying for the flow of multitudes into the kingdom of God (6). Praying for the needs of other members to be met (7). Praying for new converts and members to be established in church and faith.

If there is a man to pray there is a God to answer

Why Must I Engage In Praying Kingdom Advancement Prayer (KAP)?

(1). The advancement of the kingdom is God’s prior interest, the heartbeat of God (see: Mat.6:9/33; 1Kings.17:13-15).

(2). KAP is a commandment (God is a commander. He basically operates on commandments. His commandments are non-negotiable. We are to play our part by obeying – Mat.6:6). When from that scripture indicates that there is a period that you must pray.

(3). KAP engenders open rewards (it’s your secret prayer that provokes the release of open rewards – Mat.6:6).

(4). KAP secures your access to divine health and vitality (Ex.23:25) – KAP is one of the cheapest platform of service and serving God guarantees your access to divine health. In Lk.2:37, we saw Hannah at 84 served God with prayer and fasting day and night.

(5). KAP enhances the flow of supernatural favour (favour is what colours your efforts and covers your errors – we are not achievers, we are privilege receivers. Mat.6:33).

(6). What others are running after will be running after you (redirection of traffic takes place when we engage in KAP. It causes the release of all kinds of additions and multiplications. Mat.6:33, Jer.30:11)

Prayer does not only change things; prayer changes people

(7). It guarantees longevity (Ex.23:27) – you are not permitted to die young as long as you’re engaging in KAP. Serving God guarantees long life. 120years is the covenant age for every genuine believer. In psalm 84:7, they go from strength to strength as they appear in Zion. Zion is a place of worship (church). Appearing in church guarantees strength, and strength indicates long life. Strength is also needed for exploits (Dan.11:32).

(8). KAP also guarantees financial prosperity (in Job.36:11, we saw that serving God guarantees you to spend your days in pleasure and years in prosperity).

(9). KAP facilitates answered prayers and; (John. 15:16)

(10). Fulfilled expectations.

Proverbs 23:18 KJV
“For surely there is an end; and thine expectation shall not be cut off.”

Why not buy into the idea of engaging in KAP today-as a lifestyle? I bet you your life will never remain the same.

I will love to hear from you if you have comments, questions and ideas. God bless you.

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It Begins With Faith: Your Journey To Greatness Begins With Faith

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Understanding the ways to access the treasures in the bible


The bible is the book of treasure. The dictionary meaning of treasure is a collection of valuable things. The bible is loaded with a collection of valuable things. But, it will require our understanding to access them.

Some Christians have been detracted from the treasures of their redemptive package in Christ due to the ignorance of this. Qualitative understanding is what distinguishes between a winning Christian and a losing one.

God’s people are perishing because of ignorance.

My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.” Hosea.4:6

What are the treasures in the book?

1). The treasure of living in a sickness free zone – You can live the rest of your life without drugs. The call for redemption is not a call into sufferings, buffetings and all the intimidations that the world experience today from the enemy. It is a call into a sickness free life; a call to health and vitality (Ex.23:25)

The word of God releases revelation

2). The treasure of financial freedom – What you know is important, but what you do with what you know is far more important. Until you locate the right seed for financial prosperity, your freedom from financial bondage is not in view (Deu.8:18, Mal.3:10-11)

3). The treasure of longevity – with a good old age. Strength is a sign of long life. You can draw strength by obeying God’s word and most especially by appearing in Zion (Church). Zion means a place of worship. Your tireless appearance in Zion is what guarantees your long life(PS.84:7). Not only long life, but, plus good old age. You are aging, you are aging well. Even at 70, you are looking as 20, full of strength (Ex.23:26).

4). The treasure of an excellent spirit – After the order of Daniel, every authentic believer is ordained to posses the spirit of wisdom and counsel (Dan.5:14/6:3). Wisdom is applied knowledge while counsel is the application of God’s word to solve human problems. Wisdom is knowing the right to do and doing it. Until you put the word to work, don’t expect to possess divine wisdom.

What are the ways to access the treasures of the book?

Ways to access the treasures in the book

1). Obedience – Obedience made it to the top because is a vital key – but mostly neglected – to unlock all the treasures in the book (Deu.28:1-3). Again, what you know is vital, but what you do with what you know is more vital.

No treasure is for free. You must pay the price of obedience for it. God hates disobedience and he is ready to revenge all disobedience (. By disobedience, the destiny of man was ruptured. Adam and Eve brought calamities into the entire human race by disobedience.

2). Righteousness – Again, sin just like disobedience, broke the link between man and God. It will requires some degrees of righteousness before you can enjoy the treasures of the book. When Adam sinned, the  first statement he made was, I am afraid. “The righteous are as bold as lion,“(PS.28:1). Righteousness instills boldness while sin makes you to be ruled with fear.

Get this straight: you can’t get God to confirms his word without boldness. Faith requires boldness and confidence.

” In whom we have boldness and access with confidence by the faith of him.” Eph.3:12

3). Kingdom Mindedness – If the kingdom of God holds no attraction to you don’t expect you earthly wellbeing to holds attraction to God. Until the kingdom of God be at the centre of your life, the treasures of the book are farfetched. Let soul winning becomes your major goal in life. That is God’s major interest.

The kingdom of hell is meant for the devil and his cohorts – not humans. Go to the prayer altar and intercedes for the lost, go on the street and compel the unsaved to the kingdom. This works as fire! When you busy yourself pursuing after God’s interest, God will busy himself  with your well-being in all realms of existence of life (Mat.6:6/9/33).





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