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My dear readers, I appreciate your love and support throughout this year. To express my gratitude more practically, I am giving out one of my best books PRAISE WARRIORS for free. You don’t have much time, the campaign will end in the next 5 days. So, hurry and head over to Amazon to download your free copy. The book contains quality content about praise and Thanksgiving which is relevant to this season of Thanksgiving. Let us unravel the mystery of praise that will take our life to the next level.

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Please do me a favor, after reading the book leave a genuine review on the book page on Amazon and rate it. Find out how to leave a review here. It is also available in paperback but that will cost a few bucks. Thanks for your love and support. God bless you.

Prosperity &God’s Multiplication Factor

It is the utmost will of God that we as believers prosper.

God's multiplication factor

What is prosperity ?

Prosperity is commanding an unusual great results in all spheres of life including our finance.

Let’s all remember that we serve a Great God who daily manifest His greatness through us – His children. He said greater works we will do which includes our finance.

Therefore, our greatness in our finance is a MUST as this is one of the proof of our lineage in CHRIST.


Giving: a weed grow on its own and it ends up been uprooted but a plant that its seed is sown with so much effort, well cared for and high result is expected.

Our seed is what we give, our effort and care is the right positioning of our heart and result is our full expectation.

Our seed will grow excellently in a good condition that is with our heart of thanksgiving to God for the opportunity to give.

Our heart matter in the case that we should know that we are blessed to bless not to just keep.

The mystery of the kingdom works on how much you can sow and give out not how much you can save.

I pray that the spirit of giving will rest upon us and our financial dominion will be established.

Let’s all note that God is not a user of Men, He blesses you back.

He is the best person that you can partner with when it comes to investment because He pays in MULTIPLICATION FACTOR.

If you give him 1 He multiplies and give you back in 100 folds.

A post written by: Sis Mayowa

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