God Has The Final Say

God has the final say

No matter what people say about you. God has the final say.

No matter what they think about you. God has the final say.

No matter the circumstances. God has the final say.

Only our maker knows us best. We’re God’s products. The bible is our lives’ manual. Whatever the scripture says concerning your destiny is the final. Irrespective of what is going on.

In God’s plan, our destiny is a glorious destiny (Romans.8:29-30). In God’s agenda, our destiny is an envious destiny (Genesis.26:14).

If God be for us who can be against us (Romans.8:31)

People may have looked down on you. Don’t give up! Those who looked down on you will look up to you.

People may have asked “who are you?” Don’t give up! They will soon ask “how are you?”

Or they may have asked, where is your God? Those who asked where is your God will soon congratulate you.

Understand this: you’re not inferior to anybody. We’re a people of equal destiny. There is no difference between white and black; yellow and brown.

Who said “you cannot make it in life?” This is another lie from the pit of hell. When men are casting down, for us we shall be saying there’s a lifting up (Job.22:26).

All those who said that over there dead body you’ll never make it in life, will pay with their children. For the record, i don’t pray for my enemy, even God is angry at the wicked every day, He has prepared him an instrument of death if he doesn’t repent from his wickedness (Psalm.7:10-13). The enemy has no other business than to steal, kill and destroy. If some oppositions are invading your territory, the best thing to do is to attack them. You don’t watch the enemy stepping on your toes, you have to fight back. Otherwise, you’ll become a regular victim of satanic oppression.

The gospel of Jesus is a universal gospel. No matter who you’re, where you’re or what you’re going through, the gospel works the same way anywhere.

Our breakthrough in Christ is a noiseless breakthrough. When light dominates darkness you don’t hear its noise. Darkness struggles not with light. Darkness and light cannot coexist in the same room. When light comes in, darkness goes not. Darkness is hopeless with light. You can’t be lighted and be tormented.

“This then is the message which we have heard of him, and declare unto you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all.” 1.John.1:5

You don’t need to know any mortal man (dead or alive) to make things happen. Put your trust only on God. God himself understands the vulnerability of mortals. So, He doesn’t trust flesh. You don’t have to identify with any Timber and Calibre to be great in life. Every child of God is a Timber and Calibre. The only ONE you need to know is God.

“Those who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits.” – Daniel.11:32

“He delighteth not in the strength of the horse: he taketh not pleasure in the legs of a man – Psalm.147:10

I repeat whatever God says it’s the final. Paul was on his way to Damascus to persecute Christians, all the necessary documents to enhanced the process had been signed and approved before God turned the rascal to a valuable asset.

GOD will always has the final say!

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My First eBook Is Launched (Give Away)

Positive thinking here doesn’t correlate with the positive thinking that psychology preaches. However, the difference is that while psychology believes’ system, draws its strength from scientific research, Christianity or faith-based positive thinking draws its strength from the word of God. Christianity is not a believes’ system nor a religious theory. “It’s drawing life from the fountain of truth revealed.” Anonymous. It’s the manifestation of the power of God in His people.

Psychological rooted positive thinking is prone to failure while faith is not. Psychology positive thinking is premised on reasoning, faith is a mind-based activity (it’s rooted in the heart). Faith does things that human logic sometimes perceives as stupid.

Faith means the mind is killed by the head, air of fear and doubts cannot be perceived when faith is active. Faith-based positive thinking secures divine attention and provokes the release of miracles, signs and wonders.

I remember a night when my dad was almost gone. My mum was screaming in the night, my younger sister and I were at home sleeping in our separate rooms. We jumped out of our rooms and rushed to witness what was happening. Getting to our dad’s room we saw our dad lying down flat on the floor. Mum was crying, my younger sister too was crying, and crying is contagious…..(to read the complete story, make a purchase)

“We become what we think about. “Earl Nightingale

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