UNDERSTANDING WONDERS OF PRAISE: praise is neither a calling nor a gift, praise is not something we do when God has done something spectacular. Praise provokes the release of fresh oil. Psalms. 92:10. The presence of God is in praise. PS.22:3, Acts 16:25-30. Praise equals supernatural increases. Jer.30:19. The is glory of God in praise. 2Chro.5:13-14. Praise releases divine direction. Psalms. 92:12. Praise unleashes the favour of God. Mark. 6:21-23. Praise warfare provokes divine intervention. 2chro.20:17-23. Praise is not something that we do occasionally, In order to enjoy the virtue of praise we must enter into a praise life style. Receive the garment of praise in the name of Jesus. Good morning.

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