Change Agent

Changed people change their world

Inspiration! Inspiration!! Inspiration!!! The Holy Ghost has just inspired this write up. This is on fire. Hahaa! I’m hit with avalanche of revelations, just like a thunderbolt.

I’m not here to motivate you. I’m here to impact you.

Who told you that you can’t make it life? It’s not over until it’s over. It’s never too late to live a useful life, your age notwithstanding. Even though you’re 80, you can change your world. Changed people change their world. It begins with you.

Violent people change their world. Since the days of the John the Baptist the kingdom of God suffers violence. Roof tearing faith changes the world. Onlythe violent’ can possess their possessions. (Mat.11:13)

My mission is to change the world. I’m a change agent. I have chosen to make impact and not to make a living. Sadly, consciously/unconsciously, quantum numbers of people live to make living rather than making impacts – a terrible choice to survive.

If you’re with me, together we can change the world. By living a sacrificial life, giving more than receiving, interceding for the lost and oppressed, hunting after the unsaved.

Hahaa! Wait a minute, the Holy Spirit has invaded the temple. My body is the temple of God. He is revealing the deepest mysteries of the kingdom.

My lines are not carnal, but spirit filled.

Let’s proceed…

Until you’re rescued you can’t rescue nobody. Till you’re saved you can’t save others. Until you’re healed you can’t heal nobody. Till you’re inspired you can’t inspire others. Until you’re changed you can’t become a change agent.

I’m not motivating you, I’m not a motivational writer/speaker. But I want you to be imparted. I want you to have a life changing encounter.

If you’ve not given your life to Christ, receive my invitation. Changing the world begins with salvation. To become a rescue agent, you must be rescued.

This is a call to live a life of fulfillments. Freedom from devilish intimidations, economic holocausts, depression and oppression. In God’s plan, you’re not meant to be pressed down, depressed and confused. Whatsoever could not hold Jesus down is not permitted to hold you down.

Never worry about your past. Old things have passed away. And all things have become new. When you receive Jesus, you will be washed and brain washed from every filthiness and wrong mentality of the past. Then, a new life and fresh mentality will set in. (2.Cor.5:17)

Now, you can seek exemption from the negative happenings around the world. You will be free from the wars, economic meltdowns, insecurities, etc. Right now, the kingdom is the only safe place. All you need to do is to give your life to Jesus, and your journey of becoming a change agent have just begun.

Have you just given your life to Jesus? If yes, please notify me in the comments section, I will like to pray with you. Do you have any divine ideas on how to become a change agent? I will be delighted to read and respond to your comment in the comments section.


Writing the word of faith has never become a struggle to me.

Last two weeks, the devil came with headache and fever hoping that I would be available for it. By exercising faith, I conquered the sickness without any medication. It was a fight that took days. But I fought and won. Now, I’m the healthiest person on the planet.

Rescue Mission continues…

Tonight again, I will be dropping five prayer points and for our rescue mission endeavours 🙂

Rescue mission continues

Here they are:

  1. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of your crowd-gathering Word that will virtually empty the whole city into the kingdom this year – Acts 13:44
  2. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of Your miracle-working Word, thereby drafting abiding multitudes to the kingdom this year – Acts.5:14
  3. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of Your Word of wisdom that engenders supernatural breakthroughs, thereby attracting abiding multitudes into the kingdom this year – Mat.13:54
  4. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of Your life-illuminating Word that will establish our dominion over the powers of darkness all through this year – Jn.1:1-3/9
  5. Father, in the name of Jesus, continue to send us the rain of Your Word of righteousness that sanctifies, thereby empowering our spiritual life into next-levels this year – Prov.4:18

On this platform, we are currently initiating our followers for a lifetime platform of service. Get enlisted by interceding for the unsaved souls with a minimum one hour daily either at a stretch or in a split of two to three sessions depending on your schedules. Lk.18:1, 1.The.5:17, Lk.2:37, Lev.6:13

Let us be reminded, it is our secret prayers that engender open rewards. Mat.6:6/9/33.

God has never ask the seed of Jacob to seek him in vain. So, as we are engaging, let us engage with a reward mentality 🙂

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