How To Change Level

how to change level

You can inherit wealth but not prestige. If you are a son of a heavyweight boxing champion, that doesn’t make you a heavyweight. You will need to train up and develop your muscle to be a ‘heavy weight’. If your father is a professor and has bequeathed his professorship to you, you cannot utilize his certificate to get a job. Your worth is determined by how hard you work.

You can’t switch classes at school until you pass an exam. For example, before a pupil may progress from primary one to primary two, he must pass the necessary test. Even if he is sick, he must still take the exam when he recovers. I believe we are all here to advance to the next level. However, there is a responsibility to bear in order to do so – and if you do not accept responsibility, you will die as a liability. Don’t expect to change levels unless you pass the required test.

Everyone is accountable for their own lives. If you point one finger at someone, the other five-point back at you. It is not your dad, uncle, brother, or spouse’s fault that your life has turned out the way it has. The bible says, work out your own salvation (Philippians.2:12). That is, work out your change of level.

Pay attention to the details. A student who received a grade of 30 out of 100 on an exam received something (there are so many people in life with failure marks). However, what he received does not ensure a change of class. You’ve done so many things, but not everything. Even a spark plug can get your car grounded.

To be informed is to be transformed. Knowledge is the KEY to freedom. Knowledge is the key to unlocking the door to your next level. In Luke.11:52, Jesus rebuked the lawyers for taking the key of knowledge. Daniel understood the books (Daniel.9:2). It was Jesus’ custom to read (Luke.4:16).

Brethren, a level change is not reserved for a select few. Even if it is, you are unique. You are not supposed to struggle to make things happen; all you need to do is be responsible.

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