Life is not a chance is a choice, we preach and the Holy spirit prick. This is why we must continue to pray kingdom advancement prayers. It the Holy Spirit that convince and converts the lost souls Jn. 6:64. The devil is one blocking the eyes of the losts in order not to see the truth. God’s people perish due to lack of knowledge. Hosea.4:6. This is the reason why our intercession must not ceased on their behalf in order to free them from all satanic oppressions.


Most of our ambitious prayers are noises in the hear of the lord. Though I am against asking but it is funny the way many Christians place demands on God. But, how can we say we love someone (God) if we don’t know His interest. God number one interest is the soul of the lost/unsaved. In our lords prayer, after thanks giving, the next line of prayer is “thy kingdom come, mat.6:9. And in mat.6:33, “seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.” This is the key/secret of life. Life is ordinary struggle/toiling/frustration without pursuing the kingdom interest first. Let us stop being religious and be real. Shake off the shackles of religions and be a mouth piece for God.


Note, revelation equals manifestation. You can’t make things happen until they are revealed unto you. Since revelation must preceeds manifestation. Some spiritual activities that provoke the release of revelation are prayers, fasting, and praise. Until you enter them revelation is farfetched and manifestation is long-in-view.

There is no difference between the Greeks and the Jews. 1.Cor: 1:24. Whether your are black, yellow, brown or white you can make things happen if you believe in God. Heb. 11:6

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