First, you will have to delete all negatives mentality that poverty is your portion. Don’t mistake your condition for your portion. Because, you are poor now doesn’t means you must be poor. It is ignorance to carry poverty mentality around. Hear this: The gospel of Jesus has zero tolerance for poverty. “The spirit of the lord is upon me, because he hath anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor….” Lk.4:18. To preach the gospel to ‘the poor’ in order to make the poor to be rich.

The Gateway to Financial Fortune

  • First enter into the covenant of seed time and harvest time. “While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease.“Gen.8:22. Except there is no more heaven and earth, the covenant cannot be broken. ‘The scripture cannot be broken.“Jn. 10:35. There is no short cut. If you do ritual today, you will die  tomorrow. If you do ‘Yahoo’ (yahoo means cybercrime) today, you will be restless/unsettled tomorrow. ” The  blessing of Lord maketh rich and add no sorrow.” Prov.10:22
  • Obey God’s commandments. Deu.28:1-3, James.1:25. Obedience is the secret. ” The secret of the lord is with them that fear Him, and will show them His covenant.” PS.25:14.

Pay your thite tirelessly. Mal.3:10. Don’t forsake instructions. ‘To take God for granted is to be granted in life.” Even if what He tells you to do might look very stupid. God specializes in making something out of nothing. Out of nothing He created the universe.

  • Stop complaining, murmurings and grumblings. Complains will complicate your matters. ” Do all things without murmurings and disputings.” Phil.2:14.Murmurers were destroyed by the destroyers.
  • Believe in the invisible and impossible. “Without faith it is impossible to please God…” Heb.11:6. “Blessed is she that believe, for there shall be a performance of those things which were told her from the lord.” Lk.1:45.
  • Stop borrowing, Stop taking overdraft; Stop accumulating debts. “Borrower is servant of the lender.” Prov.22:7. “You will lend many nations.” Deu.28:12, Deu.15:6. You are supposed to numbered among the richest people in the world. Know who you are.
  • Don’t be idle. Jesus Christ hate idleness. Mat. 20:3/6. “Laziness is the mother of poverty.”
  • Desire work. Don’t live depending on someone. “The righteous shall eat from the fruit of his doings.” Is.3:10.
  • Lastly, speak in line with what you believe. “Death and live are in the power of the tongue.” Prov. 18:21.

In conclusion, carry this mentality. “It is the lord that giveth thee the power to get wealth in order to establish the covenant which He made with your father.”Deu.8:28. As long as you are still committed/dedicated in keeping the terms of the covenant, you cannot be poor. When you play your part, God will play His part. He doesn’t speak empty word. He is not man that He should lie/repent. Num.23:19. God has integrity. The scripture can’t be broken. Jn.10:35.

These things I am sharing are mysteries that work like fire. Ps. 25:14. There is no amount of insights i share that will work for a man that will  not do a thing. It works for the doer not the hearer only. James.1:22. Until you enter into the word, your financial fortune is long in view. Deu.28:1-3, James.1:22-25

Unveiling the Secret of Financial Prosperity



unveiling the secret of financial prosperity

There is this wrong public notion about who we are as students, we are not beggar, we are not dependent, we are not receiver, and we are not pauper as they think. This wrong public perception has made many of us to believe what they are not. Financial secret is embedded in God’s word. I will share this secret with you in this post.

What is Secret?

  • Secret is hidden mystery

  • Secret is knowledge that is hidden.

What is financial Secret?

  • Financial secret is untold mystery or told but most often neglected mystery embedded in the word of God

  • Financial secret the covenant of seed time and harvest. (Gen 8:22)



seed and harvest time graphics


I will like us to know the “obedience is the most powerful weapon often neglected by men.” (Bishop David Oyedepo). “Lion is not the most powerful animal but sheep is the most powerful animal.” why? The young lion do lack and suffer hunger. Pslm34:10. Obedience to the covenant of seed time and harvest is the answer to all financial misfortunes. Deu 8:18. The truth is that there some students who have plugged themselves into this idea of covenant practice and they are enjoying life and have more than enough to spend while they are in school.



obedience and covenant practice equal financial prosperity


How can I access this financial secret?

  • Become a tireless thither. Mal.3:7-10, 2Chr.7:5

  • Never appear before God empty (worship offerings). Deu 16:16, Ex.23:15

  • Give to the poor – giving to the poor is like lending to the lord-Job 1:1-3, Job 29:12

  • Do not borrow – this view can be personal – However, borrowers are servants of lenders – prov.27:12.

  • Desire work – Jesus Christ dislikes idleness. He went out about the third hour he met some men standing idle, he also went out about the eleventh hour he still met some men standing idle at the market place. He told them why ye standing idle all the day. Mat.20:3/6. “It is your work that pays your bills”. There are work you can do as students in order to be financially independent. Works like: blogging, graphics designing, computer engineering, phone repairing, web designing, tailoring, hairdressing, barbing.etc. You can even train other students and make money. Or in case you haven’t acquired a skill yet you can utilize your free time in school to learn your desired skill as this will profit you.

  • Be disciplined –The factor discipline is very important in order to be successful in any field of life. You cannot tell me that you are a business man who has a TV box in his office which brings him zero business value. Even as a student you can’t have an exam tomorrow morning and watch Aljazeera, BBC, or CNN news till 2:00AM and pass. it means that you will go and write the news down in the exam. Ever since mobile phone came many people have run into madness, one person, a student using three phones. Each with three Sims: MTN, GLO, AIRTEL. He can greet people for Africa.

 The gospel of Jesus Christ has zero tolerance for poverty. Lk. 4:18 and if you are poor you are a disappointment to Jesus. As Jesus said: above all I wish thou mayest prosper and be in good health. 3 john.1:2.

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