Why Do I Need Jesus?

You are not a mistake. He created you for a purpose. There are 250 million cells in the male sperm. Only one results in pregnancy. So, you are here for a reason. Your purpose is the motivation for your creation. What you are doing right now might not be the reason why you were born. It’s not too late to start all over again.

The greatest goal in life is not to make money, but to find destiny. Jesus wants you to find destiny. He doesn’t want you to continue like this. This life you’re living is not the one He designed for you. You are into drugs, smoking, drinking, lying, and cheating. That’s not in God’s great design for your life. It’s the devil that erodes your destiny with your agreement. You can start all over again. It’s never too late.

Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” Mathew. 11:28.

In Him alone, you can find rest. The world is restless. There was a storm that troubled the disciples of Jesus, they were worn out in a bid to rescue themselves, but Jesus was sleeping. But when they invited Him to the situation, He calmed the storm. I don’t know the storm ravaging your destiny right now. It could be stormy marriage or financial hardship. Invite Jesus and He will calm the storm.

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Your years of toiling are over. Life is an ordinary struggle outside Christ. Peter and others toiled all night and caught nothing. They were professional fishermen but yet, there was nothing to show for their professionalism. They have been casting their net into the wrong place. In the same way, you are skillful but there have been no results despite your skills & intelligence. But when they allowed Jesus in their boat. He asked them to cast their net to the right side. And as they did, they had a net-breaking harvest and asked their partners on the other side to assist with the harvest. Peter’s one-man business expanded into a partnership business (See John.2:5).

Wait a minute, you’ve been casting your net on the wrong side. The job you are doing is wrong. You have made a serious investment in things that God didn’t author (He is the author and finisher of our faith, but He won’t finish what He didn’t start) which has only yielded nothing but losses. Jesus is asking you today, would you let me into your boat? Do you know that there are good and right things? Your current job might be a good one but not right? The devil knows that you are smart to do the wrong thing, He deceives you with a good thing so that you can let go of the right thing.

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God wants you back into His original plan for you. Would allow Him to help you or do you still want to do it all by yourself. By not involving God in your life, you are lifting a lorry without a jack. He says: without me, you can do nothing.  If you invest in something that God does not approve of, you will pay for it. That’s why it’s difficult for you to make money. Because the assignment you are pursuing is not orchestrated by God. God has a budget for His project on earth. If you pursue divine assignment, God provides. The Psalmist says: “The Lord is my shepherd; I shall not want.” Psalm.23:1. When God leads, He provides.

Friend, receive my invitation. If you have not accepted Jesus, here is an opportunity to do so now. He is the only way and the truth. You are free by knowing Him. Don’t stay in the middle of the road. It’s a risk. Come to Jesus. Maybe, you’ve once received Christ but you’re no longer in Him, reading your Bible has become dried. You’ve lost your passion for the things of God. Rededicate your life to Jesus. He is the only One that can save you from struggles.

Pray this prayer with me: Father, In the name of Jesus, once I was blind and now I  can see. I received and confessed that you are my personal Lord and savior. Thank you Jesus for accepting me.

Congratulations! If you’ve just said that prayer, you are welcome to the family of Christ. Find a Bible-based Church and join. I know that your life will never remain the same.

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It Begins With Faith Is Out!

Greatness is our birthright in Christ. We are redeemed to be great. In Luke 1:32, the angel of the Lord said to Mary: “He will be great and will be called the Son of the Most High God.” That means Jesus was sent to be great. “As my father has sent me, so I send you,” he explained. —John 20:21. So, you are sent to be great as Christ was sent to be great. But in reality, why are only few people manifest their greatness potential in Christ? The answer is obvious. For lack of knowledge, God’s people have gone into captivity.

The sad thing is that some born-again Christians see greatness as an ambition. They think Christianity connotes suffering. They hold a paralytic view of “they must be poor to make heaven.” To them, fewness is synonymous with consecration. The truth is that Christ has redeemed us to be great, blessed, and be a blessing to the world around us. If an earthly father does give good gifts to their children, how much more is our father in heaven? God wants you to be great. There is a seed of greatness in you when you were born. For the seed to bear its fruit in your life, you must first be aware of your heritage of greatness. Many are sincere, but only a few are aware. You don’t know if your father has an inheritance, so you can’t claim it when he is gone.

The elder brother of the prodigal son was a symbol of dedication. He contributed a lot to the success of his father’s business. Contrary, the prodigal son collected his inheritance and lavished everything on riotous living. Then, he called himself to a meeting, repented (to repent means to rethink), and went back to his father. The father was happy and welcomed his lost-but-found son with a party. The elder brother was infuriated at the father’s actions. Here is how the father responded: “Look, dear son, you have always stayed by me, and everything I have is yours. We had to celebrate this happy day. For your brother was dead and has come back to life! He was lost, but now he is found!”—Luke 15:31-32, NLT.

You see, you can be committed to the things of God and still not enjoy their benefits. The elder brother didn’t know that everything that his father had also belonged to him. This is the picture of many born-again Christians today. Out of sheer ignorance, they’ve lost their blessings to the devil. What you think is who you become. You can’t think of fewness and arrive at greatness. It’s a biblical commandment that can never be broken.

Truly, we all have the heritage of greatness in Christ, but not all will taste it. The goal of this book is for you to have a mind transplant from darkness into light. To create an awareness that you are a bonafide candidate for greatness. And to help you with the usage of the tool that stirs and brings your potential for greatness into the limelight.

This book was supposed to come out on the 25th of April, but to ensure that you get the best value for your money it was postponed till the 1st of May. Ensure that you get a copy. It’s impactful and highly illuminated. It is just 3.99 dollars. The price might go up soon. For those that love to read in the Paperback version. I’ll start working on the paperback and it will be communicated to you when it is out. For Nigerian buyers, so that you can have access to the book, I will make it available on Okadabooks. When I do that, I’ll communicate it to you. This link is for US buyers only. Other links for other countries will be available in the link tree which I will share later on this platform. All books will also be available on the book page. And don’t forget to write an honest customer review on what you read. This will help others decide to pick up the book that will transform their lives. Learn how to write a customer review.

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