Dropping the keys to Academic Success

There are two keys to academic success:

  • Spiritual key
  • Physical key

Dropping the keys to academic success

Spiritual Key

If you want to excel in your academics, spirituality should be your first approach. You must first place high premium on spiritual endeavours. Your prayer life must be in place.

Be ignited on the altar of prayer by praying kingdom oriented prayers daily, at least one hour. Join the soul winning army and be on the go for Christ. You do not need the talent of soul winning before you embarked on the journey of hunting for the souls (Mat.6:6,Jn.15:16).

Still on spirituality, be expectant. Set specific goals for the kind of grades you desires. God doesn’t takes assumptions, God only answers specific requests. It baffles me the way many believers come to Christ with vague expectations and requests.

That crippled man in the Bible was shouting for mercy, Jesus asked him, what do you want me to do? In specific term, don’t just plead for mercy, be specific in your requests (Mark.10:51).

Here, your writing materials are essential. Pick up your pen and a sheet of paper, list specifically the kind of grades you desires from God.

Don’t settle for average grades, God has unlimited capacities to do all things beyond your imagination (Mat.19:26).

I have done this when i was in school in several occasions and let me tell you this , it works. I enjoyed regular good grades all through my years in school.

For instance,

ECO 101.       A5

Math 102.     A5

Eng 103.        A5

Soc 109.         A5

Pol 123.         A5

The above are typical examples of requests narrowed down in specific terms. Don’t just say, God I want good grades. What type of good grades do you want? There are A’s, B’s and C’s. C’s might be considered as good for a student while it might not be considered as good for another.

Nevertheless, be faithful. You must answer the faith question before you can get anything from God (Mat.9:28). As you are pursuing after his interest, believe that you are not doing it for nothing, you are doing it for something.

After the order of Daniel, there is an excellent spirit found in every genuine believer (Dan.5:12). You belong to the top, you don’t belong to the bottom (Deu.28:13)

The Physical key

Preparation – There is this saying that those who fail to prepare are preparing to fail. Don’t just sit down and wait for the exam’s day to arrived before you study.

Start preparing right from the beginning of the session. Programmed yourself for study, visit the libraries to get textbooks and other available resources that might help with your study. Don’t be stingy, buy textbooks and study them on a daily basis.

Dropping the keys to academic success

Don’t missed lectures. Stay focus in every lecture time and a good note taking will go a long  way to bail you out in this regard. Get a recorder to record the lecturer explanations in each session as this will gives you the leverage to listen to the lecture repeatedly in order to grab any point you might have missed out.

Burn candles!😃 lol, I said burn candles, though people don’t use candles these days to study anymore. What i actually meant is that you should study overnight. The most productive period is the night, ceased the moment.

Oh! I almost forgot about discipline, beware of over feeding, over talking, oversleeping and over watching of movies. In my own opinion, I don’t think you need to have a TV box in your room as a student, you’ll be too comfortable to be studious. Watching Aljazera, CNN or BBC on the eve of exams will be detriment to your outstanding performances.

Read books outside the school curriculum, get books on success. There are keys in such books which you will never hear within the wall of the institution.

Lastly, study in sequence to the courses you have on the exams’ timetable. A student who has English on the eve of exams studying political science will definitely end up as a failure.

I believe you’ be found this as useful, share it with your peers and you will all excel together  in Jesus name🙂


Knowledge of Divine Nature

Knowledge is the key to freedom.

Knowledge is priceless. Knowledge is the key dominion. You can’t buy a man who is a spiritual technocrat with either money or materials.

Knowledge is the key to freedom. The ugliness of darkness becomes more threatening until light appears in full glow.

“Woe unto you lawyers! For ye have taken away the key of knowledge: ye entered not yourselves, and them that are entering in ye hindered.” Lk.11:52

Many Christians, thou born again, but are still groveling in poverty, ruled with fear, plagued with sicknesses and diseases.

They are being subjected to same buffetings and intimidations that the world suffers from the devil and his demons.

Why? Not because the devil and his demons have the right to do so. But, because their knowledge about supernatural (God) is inadequate. They are so body oriented to have forgotten who they are.

Every physical manifestation has its supernatural antecedent. The supernatural is the back bone of life. The supernatural is the root of all mortals. It is the foundation of beings.

There are two governing forces on earth. God and devil, good and evil. One is more powerful than the other.

God created the devil, so he can not be powerful than his creator. The devil did not create anything but he is on a destructive mission to upturn all God’s creation.

It is either you are connected to the good source or the other, their is no middle way. Life is all about issue of choice and not issue of chance.

The ball is your court. You have the grace to chose between God and devil, love and hatred, sweet and sweat, happiness and frustration, abundance and hunger, etc. 

The law of universe requires that every parent duplicates itself into its offsprings. Both in the animal and plant kingdoms. ‘Likes’ beget ‘likes’. There is no how fond you are of your pet it can never be called your son.

A goat can’t begat a dog. Also, in living plant, a mangos tree can’t produce an orange fruit. The son of natural men are men. Thus, the sons of god are gods.

I have said ye are gods; all of you are the children of the most high.” PS.82:6

You are like a wind whose movement, direction, and source can’t be explained and yet your effect can’t be denied. This means you are a sprit kind of breed.

The wind bloweth where it listeth, and thou hearest the sound thereof, but canst tell whence cometh and wither it goeth: so is everyone that is born of the spirit.” Jn.3:8

We live in a dark world, it entire world lies in wickedness, we live in a magnetic field of wickedness.

Sickness, diseases, poverty, frustration and losses emanated from this negative pole of evil.

Only whom is born of the spirit overcome the world with faith instrumentality.

For whatsoever is born of God overcome the world: and this is the victory that overcome the world even our faith.” 1Jn.5:4










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