Stewardship – The Gateway to Supernatural Packages

What is stewardship?

Stewardship means laboring. It’s engaging in various spiritual platforms that provoke the release of supernatural rewards – Revelation.22:12.

Stewardship is partnering with God for the pursuit of His agenda here on earth. You’re not working for God, you’re working with God. In an earthly partnership, every active partner is entitled to a dividend. So, you’re entitled to a dividend partnering with God – Mathew.6:6/17.

The Platforms of Stewardship

(1). Spiritual stewardship.

(2). Financial stewardship,

(3). In-service

(1). Spiritual stewardship can be further categorized into: (I). Prayer labor (II). Prayer and fasting labor (III). Soul-winning endeavor.

(I). Prayer labor. Prayer is not just a platform for making requests; it’s also a platform of service. Prayer labor platform provides a lifetime opportunity to serve God by praying kingdom advancement (oriented) prayers as a lifestyle (Mathew.6:6/11/33). And prayer is a commandment (Mathew.6:6). Other scriptural references: Luke.2:37, 1Thess 5:17, James.5:17, Eph.6:18, Zech.8:21-23, Is.66:8.

The prayer you prayed today will work for you tomorrow. There are angels in heaven holding vials, which are the prayer of the saints (Rev.5:8).

(II). Prayer & Fasting Labour. At 84, Hannah served God with prayer and fasting day and night as she departed not from the temple – Luke.2:37. Fasting is not advice neither an admonition, it is a commandment – Mat.6:17.

(III). Soul-winning endeavor. As believers, we have 2 mandates: (1). Prayer (2). Soul-winning. Soul-winning is not a talent, neither a gift. It’s not a calling, it’s a mandate (Jer.1:5, John.15:16 & Luke.10:1-4).

(2). Financial Stewardship. Financial stewardship is a platform where you can serve God with your money. Example: the platform of tithe and offering, the platform of giving, i.e. giving to the poor, church planting, humanitarian services, and sacrificial offering (Haggai.1:6-15, Malachi.3:10, & Deut.16:16).

(3). In-Service. In-service is a platform whereby you can join and work in many service units of your local church. Example: chorister unit, interpretation unit, prayer unit, sanctuary unit, hospitality unit, etc.

Packages of Stewardship’s Engagement

Spiritual stewardship yields the most profitable rewards. These are the packages:

(1). Supernatural Defense. One of the most expensive things to get in the world today is defense. As a faithful steward, you don’t have to pay for it. For instance,” testimony about how I survived an accident.” No country or organization can offer you defense.

(2). Divine Health. Again, you don’t have to pay for health because Christ has paid for it on the cross, nothing wrong with medical treatment, but it’s only when you’re sick that you go to the hospital (Mathew.8:17).

Serving God guarantees a sickness, disease, and accident-free life (Exodus.23:25). He took (took on past tense) our infirmities long ago. He is not coming to take. If you can’t imagine Jesus in an accident wreck, why must you be found in one?

(3). Supernatural prosperity. He became poor so that you and I can be rich (2. Cor.8:9). Serving God with your money guarantees you to live above poverty (Job.36:11). The topmost things that God wishes for you and me are to live in prosperity and be in good health (3.John.2) and He is happy when you are rich (Psalm.35:27). His thought for us are good and not evil (Jer.29:11).

Final thoughts

  • Stewardship means engaging in spiritual labor.
  • Without labor, there is no favor. David was laboring when he was called to the throne. Daniel labored in Potiphar’s house before he ascended the throne.
  • There are various platforms of stewardship: spiritual, financial, and in-service.
  • Have a reward mentality. There are packages or rewards for your labor. Some of these rewards are supernatural defense, divine health, and supernatural prosperity.
  • Serving God is your way up.

praise warriors: understanding the wonders of a praise lifestyle

praise warriors: understanding the wonders of a praise lifestyle

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How To Make Things Happen In 2020

God has sent me to you, to tell you that where you’re is smaller than where He is taking you to.

Things aren’t going to be like this forever. Don’t give up! Everything that has beginning also has an end (Prov.23:18), there is always a light in the end of the tunnel (Hab.2:3).

Weeping isn’t permitted to go beyond a night. Has your problem lasted more than a night? If yes, that means your problem is long overdue for a solution.

It’s your attitude that determines your altitude. Your attitude towards your situation will always bail you out anyday.

Understand that there is always an end to everything. Sadly, many people have given up before the arrival of their breakthroughs. Don’t let this be you. I’m charging you to press on.

For I know the thoughts I think toward you, saith the LORD, thoughts of peace, and not of evil; to give you an expected end. (Jer.29:11).

God builds slowly but strong. Satan builds quickly but fragile. During your waiting periods, character is built. Without a solid character you can’t sustain your breakthrough when it comes. You need to build a thick skin to secure your breakthrough or else it won’t last.

How To Provoke The Manifestation Of Your Breakthrough In 2020

Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen or they will never happen. Here are the things you can do to provoke the release of your breakthrough in 2020:

(1).Serve The Lord

Since the days of patriarchal until now, everyone that reigned had once served. The platform of service is the gateway to your change of story.

David was serving – keeping his father’s flocks – when he was called to the throne. Joseph served in Portiphar’s house before he became the prime minister. Jesus served by obeying His father instructions to the point of enthronement. What about Caleb who served to the end and full. You will die as a liability if you don’t take responsibility.

Stewardship is a covenant gateway to supernatural enthronement.


(a). Prayer Stewardship

Pray without ceasing
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Prayer provides the software for a lifetime service. In Luke.2:37, we saw Hannah, at the age of 84, serving God with prayer and fasting in the temple day and night.

And she was a widow of about fourscore and served God with fastings and prayers night and day. (Luke.2:37)

You can’t travail in prayer and not prevail in life. Prayer means more that an avenue to place some burdensome demands on God. It’s a platform for spiritual stewardship the yield the most profitable returns.

You can engage in these prayers daily:

  • Pray for the advancement of God’s kingdom – (Mat.6:9/33)
  • Pray for souls to be saved from the dungeon of the wicked – (John.15:16)
  • Pray for the new converts to be established in faith and church
  • Pray for the nation(s)
  • Pray for the safety your pastors and his families
  • Pray for the increase of God’s word
  • Pray for the flow of more spiritual contents on this blog
  • Pray for the destruction of all satanic manipulations against the conviction and conversion of the unsaved.
  • For for the release of God’s wisdom and boldness for everyone on the go for Christ.
  • Pray for the release of reaper angel to reap thoroughly with his sharp sickle all souls that ordained for eternal life
  • Pray for your family, friends and neighbours to be blessed.
  • Pray for your church members to obey God’s instructions to the end.

Anytime you prayed for someone, the prayer answers back to you. See your prayer as a spiritual seed that will bring forth its returns in due season.

Kingdom focused prayer will cause what others are running after to be running after you. God will add to you the things that others are dying to get.

(b). Soul Winning Stewardship

From your mother's womb, God has ordained you as a prophet for nations
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Soul winning is another type of spiritual stewardship that yield the greatest returns. Soul winning isn’t talent neither a gift. It’s a mandate for every believer.

Ye have not chosen me, but I have chosen you, and ordained you, that ye should go and bring forth fruit, and that your fruit should remain: whatsoever ye shall ask of the father in my name, he may give it to you. (John.15:16)

God sent Jesus to be great, so also, Jesus sent you to be great – through the platform of soul winning (Luke.1:32/John.20:21). Your job is to compel them to come by all means.

(c). Financial Stewardship

Givers never lack
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Here is another great platform for anyone who is interested in financial prosperity. You can engage in this platform by using your money to serve God. God’s primary interest is to save the lost. You might have noticed this in “the lords prayer” “….thy kingdom come… (Mat.6:9/33).” The kingdom of God was placed with high premium before the consideration of necessities. The kingdom is God’s utmost interest. Anything that touches a soul hunter touches God.

You can give out your money to ministries for the purpose of:

  • Printing evangelical materials
  • Buying buses for bringing people to church (Or giving out your vehicle for evangelism purpose)
  • Building a synagogue or completing some uncompleted churches in your locality.
  • Paying your tithe and offering on a constant basis.
  • Helping the poor and needy
  • Promoting blogs that propagate the gospel

For the records, we are not in need in our blogging ministries (if God needs help you’re the least person He will consult). Any seed you see as a donation is a waste. Your seed is what God use to meet your need – that is the spiritual implication if your seed.

Get this straight: there is no prayer and fasting for prosperity. Financial prosperity answers to the law of seed and harvest time – giving and receiving. If you’re not an excited giver you’ll die poor.

While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease (Gen.8:22)

(d). In-Service

This is another great opportunity to serve God by serving in His vineyard. You can join one or many service units in your local church. Here are some active service units that you can join:

  • Ushering unit
  • Protocol unit
  • Sanctuary keepers unit
  • Security unit
  • Choir unit
  • Media unit

And many more units depending on the structure of your local church.

It baffles me sometimes the way many still believe that Christianity is a passive religion. Those who think so are under strong illusion and that explain their predicaments.

Understand this, every opportunity to serve God is an opportunity to get blessed. God is not a user of men, you’re not working for God but with Him.

Carry a reward mentality as your plug into stewardship (Rev.22:12)

Be expectant and let your engagement be mixed with faith. Here are some of the benefits you should expect as you serve God this year:

  • Freedom from sickness (Ex.23:25)
  • Financial prosperity (Job.36:11)
  • Long life (Ex.23:26)
  • Fruitfulness (Ex.23:26)
  • Supernatural blessings (Deu.28:1-3)
  • Business breakthrough (PSM.92:10)
  • Higher dimension of spiritual authority (Eph.1:21)
  • Divine health and wholeness (Mat.8:17)
  • Marital settlement (PSM.68:6)
  • Miracle job (Is.3:10)
  • Divine strength (PSM.84:7)

Final Thoughts

Brethren, be God greedy. When you are God greedy, you will desire everything that serving God offers and that will make obedience to His instructions to become a thing of delight to you. God has not called you to meditate on your problems but to meditate on His words and your success will follow (Jos.1:8).

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