Whether it is Sunny or Raining, I’ll Obey Him

Even if God is not rewarding people again, I’ll still obey him, I’ll still praise him. I’ll still do what he tells me to do.

God owes no man anything, you owe God praise. He has been keeping you alive since  all these years and you’ve not been acknowledging him. It baffles me; many still live as if God does not exist at all.

There is nothing in me but grace, and I won’t let that grace to turn to disgrace. I’ll obey him, whether the world would do the same or not, i’ll serve him. He’ll change my levels because I’ve served him both when it is raining and sunny (Hab.3:17-18)

The word of God remains valid for a lifetime. God is God, same yesterday, today and forever. Light is light, it doesn’t matter who shared light with me, light is light. “For with thee there is fountain of life: in thy light we shall see light.”psalm.36:9

Light dispels all kinds of darkness. There is no darkness in God at all (1Jn.1:5). There is no middle, it is either you’re in light or darkness. I belong to the light. Every darkness that dogs my path hitherto is hereby declared shattered.

Multiplication is a function of appreciation. Praise expands people (Jer.30:19). I thank God for the little I have, I thank him for my salvation, I thank him for the breath of my life, I slept and I woke up, glory be to God. I magnified his name. I acknowledge his mighty hand that is behind the strange happenings in my life. Thank you Jesus.

Get this straight: if there is nobody hearing me again today, I’ll still preach obedience. I’m better than when  was not obeying his commandments. I’ll like it to be better for you than me. I cast my only vote for Jesus, even the entire world can go either way. Even if Jesus reject me, I’ll still obey him. In him, is life.

It is not meet to take children’s bread and cast it to the dogs (Mat.15:26). You’re nothing different from a dog if you’re not obeying God, this may sounds unfair, but that’s what the scripture says.

Whether it is raining or sunny I'll obey God

10billions notorious wizards can’t touch me. I’m in God’s hurt free zone (Lk.10:15). Life doesn’t makes sense outside God’s factors. Ceased from all fruitless labour by obeying into God’s instruction. Life is ordinary struggle outside God’s factors. Obedience to scriptural instruction is the master key to end all toilings in life.

If you don’t want to die in poverty, you better start doing want the word says. Until you do it, the rewards are out of view. The rewards are not meant for preachers they’re meant for doers (Jms.1:25).

He does not joke with his word, he means everything he says. If you take him for granted, you’ll be grounded.

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