Count your blessings


God told me that I should tell you to pause for some moments today and count your blessings. Look back at the things that God has done for you, count your blessings and name them one by one. Appreciate God for every item that you have received from Him.

May I tell you this little secret, I have never regretted in my life for serving God by obeying his ordinances (commandments).

As long as you are still breathing today, raise up the voice of thanks and sing a song from the from the dept of your heart unto the lord. Your breath is the only thing you need to give thanks.

“Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.” PS.150:6

And, as you do so, God make you to walk in your high place in life. Supernatural enthronement will becomes the order of the day for you and your family in the name of Jesus (Hab.3:17-19).

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