The Mystery In The Name Of Jesus

A picture of Jesus

The name of Jesus is not just a pause or a comma in prayers. Understanding the mysteries in the name of Jesus will put you in command of your destiny. God has given us a name that’s above all other names. Whatsoever that has a name answers to the authority in the name of Jesus. This is a divine setting. Be it sickness or disease; failure or hunger as far as it has a name, it must bow to the name of Jesus.

“Wherefore God also hath highly exalted Him and given him a name which is above every name. That at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven and things in earth, and things under the earth.—Philippians.2:12-13.

You can use the name of Jesus to give your life a new shape; you can use It to turn your business, marriage, and career around in 360 degrees.

Be mindful of the name you name your children. People tend to exhibit the attributes of the name given to them. That’s why so many biblical heroes had to change their names to suit their offices.

Remember Peter used to be known as Simon, which means a shaking reed.  When Simon (a reed) became Peter (the rock), the giant in him awoke. He became Peter the rock and that fit the ruggedness of his office.

We can find the prophecy about the birth of a messiah in the book of Isaiah.

“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace. His government and its peace will never end.”—Isiah.9:6-7.

Below are the mysteries behind the Name of Jesus:

(1)  His Name is Wonderful
(2)  His name is wisdom
(3)  His name is mighty
(4)  His name is eternal
(5)  His name is peaceful

His name is wonderful – Most of the attributes of the name of Jesus are mentioned in Isaiah.9, they manifest themselves into reality when you use the name of Jesus. The name of Jesus is full of wonders. It can heal the sick,  liberate the poor, oppressed and raise the dead. This list is endless. It’s very vital to understand the values that the name carries.

There is wisdom in the name of Jesus – The scripture mentioned counsel as part of the attributes of the name of Jesus. Counsel is a part and parcel of Wisdom. You can’t talk about counsel without talking about wisdom. Wisdom is applied knowledge. Counsel is solving human problems with applicable scriptures. Understand this value that you have in the name of Jesus. Even a child knows Jesus is wise. At 12, he was teaching the elites, they were marveled at the magnitude of his wisdom.

His name is mighty – The supremacy of the name of Jesus was proven in a conquest between Elijah and the prophets of the Baal; the yardstick of measurement was a fire. If God is the real God, let fire come down from heaven; If Baal is the veritable god or not, let fire come down. The Baal agents carried out their best but all their efforts were futile. The God that answers by fire responded with a consuming fire. And that settled the case. Thus the supremacy of  God was established.

Another scene took place in Pharaoh’s court, it was a saga between Aaron’s rod and the rods of the sorcerers. The original and the counterfeit. The rod of Aaron turned to a serpent, and the rod of the magicians also turned to serpents. But the serpent of Aaron swallowed all the serpents of the magician. Thus, proving the supremacy of God. Here, you must be sensitive about miracles. Not all miracles are genuine. Some are traditional magic. The magician rods also turned to serpents. (See Exodus.7:9-12)

Understand that the rod symbolizes the name of Jesus. And there shall come forth a rod out of Jesse, and a Branch shall grow out of his roots  (Jesus is the rod). With the rod in Moses’ hands, diverse signs and wonders occurred. The rod departed the red sea; water gushed out from the rock; the rod rained tempest and hails upon the Egyptians. Understand that you have a rod in your hands to perform signs and wonders.

The name of Jesus is eternal – His name carries everlasting value that is beyond this world.

Peace – In a restless world, the only place where you can find a genuine rest is in Jesus. There is a lot of jostling and bustling here and there. Consciously or unconsciously, even believers are caught in the web. Until surrender to Jesus, and leave the ring of unrest, the journey will always rough.

Final Thoughts

  • The name of Jesus is not a mere pause in prayers; it carries the attributes mentioned in Isaiah’s prophecy.
  • The name of Jesus is wonderful. The bible says you shall do signs with the name of Jesus.
  • His name is mighty. Jesus was sent to be great (Luke.1:26-38). He said, as my father sent me, so I sent you (to be great). The supremacy of the name of Jesus was established in a contest between Elijah and the prophets of the Baal and between Moses, Aaron, and magicians. The serpent of Aaron swallowed the serpent of the magicians, proven the supremacy of God.
  • The name of Jesus has an eternal value.
  • The most peaceful place in the world right now is the kingdom. Run to Him today. Tomorrow might be too late.

Image credit: Museums Victoria @museumsvictoria (Unsplash) 

7 Wonders of Praise

The number one requirement for praising God is breath and not bread. If you’re alive that means you would survive. Because you slept and woke up is a good reason to praise God. If you have ever lost anything, God is the reason you have never lost everything.

Let Everything That Hath Breath Praise The Lord

(1). God Detests Fault Finders

If you’re not joyful, you would be fretful. God isn’t moved by your cry and complains, He is moved by your faith. Praising God in the midst of hopeless situation is a sign of strong faith (Acts.16:25-26). If you could turn all your bitterness and despondencies into appreciations and thanksgivings, you would see a dramatic change is all aspects of your life. God hates Murmurers and grumblers . All those who murmured in the wilderness were destroyed by the destroyers – 1Cor.10:10

Paul and Silas Sang And The Supernatural Manifested

(2). Supernatural Atmosphere

Praise is the cheapest way to provoke the release of divine presence (Acts.16:25-26). Listen to this: You don’t make things happen in life, it’s the presence of God that make things come to be. It’s the aura of God that cause things to manifest. If you want to see the supernatural (God), dive into a practical praiseful lifestyle. Praise is where God live.

(3). Supernatural Multiplication

Those who work less and have more are in the company of praise warriors. You can’t praise God and be small (Jer.33:19). Multiplication is a function of appreciation. Our God is a God of additions (Mat.6:33) and multiplications. Anytime Jesus faced what seems like an embarrassing situation, He gave thanks and the miraculous flowed. He gave thanks and the seemingly small loaves of bread and fishes multiplied.

And Jesus took the loaves; and when he had given thanks, he distributed to the disciples, and the disciples to them that were set down; and likewise of the fishes as much as they would – Jhn.6:11

Those who are few in life are those who are living a ‘praiseless‘ lifestyle. Nothing dies in the hands of a praise warrior. Flourished business is a product of a praiseful lifestyle (righteousness inclusive).

It is a good thing to give thanks unto the Lord , and to sing praises unto thy name, O most High: The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree: he shall grow like a cedar in Lebanon – Psm. 92:1/12

And out of them shall proceed thanksgiving and the voice of them that make merry: and I will multiply them, and they shall not be few; I will also glorify them, and they shall not be small. – Jer.30:19

(4). Supernatural Ideas

You can’t praise God and be stranded of ideas. Praise is what to do when you don’t know what to do. I have seen many frustrated prayer warriors; I haven’t seen any frustrated praise warrior. When men got to their wits end you hear them say “this will take God,” what will take God will take PRAISE. Jesus, during His earthly ministry, He was never stranded of ideas (John.6:6).

(5). Supernatural Favour

Favour colours your efforts and covers your errors. There is supernatural favour in praise. When you dive into a praiseful lifestyle, you would be highly favoured before God and men. You would look like a professional in everything you do. When people see you, they smile and like you because God’s aura of favour has engulfed you.

But when Herod’s birthday was kept, the daughter of Herodias danced before them, and pleased Herod. Whereupon he promised with an oath to give her whatsoever she would ask. – Mat.14:6-7

(6). Supernatural Restoration

Praise restores man back to his original estate. To be depressed and pressed down aren’t the plans of God for you. Your situation can’t be as hopeless as the case of the dry bones. If the dried bones could jack back to life (Ez.37), your seemingly impossible situation would take a new shape. Are you having an health issue or the doctors have termed your case as medically impossible? Dive into praise and you will be restored back to normal. Whatsoever can’t be found in Jesus isn’t permitted to be found in you.

(7). Praise Warfare

Praise is a major in any major conflict. Praise is the spiritual medium through which we transfer our battles to God. The Israelites didn’t had to shoot an arrow before their enemies helped to kill one another. This battle isn’t yours, sit and be still. You’re a spectator in your own battle, hold your peace and let God take over. And when God take over, your battle is over.

And when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushments against the children of Ammon, Moab, and mount Seir, which were come against Judah; and they were smitten – 2Chro.20:22

In summary, the seven wonders of praise discussed are concisely listed as follows:

  • God detests fault finders.
  • There is supernatural atmosphere in praise.
  • There is supernatural multiplication in praise.
  • There are supernatural ideas in praise.
  • There is supernatural favour in praise.
  • There is supernatural restoration in praise.
  • Praise can be used in doing warfare (not just only prayer as many believe, it’s not a minor but a major).

Brethren, you’re not suppose to be harassed and intimidated by the devil with all kinds of afflictions and satanic oppressions. This wasn’t so in the beginning. Therefore, i pray in the name of Jesus you shall be restored back to your original estate. Praise is one of the proven major gateways to the supernatural. The door to the supernatural is opened to anyone who is interested. The supernatural becomes your natural when you consciously cultivate the habit of a praiseful lifestyle.

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